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Default PR Application Query


I am just trying to understand the situation. And I have following queries w.r.t filling the PR application for myself and wife:-
- I have kid whose a kiwi and holds NZ passport and off course kiwi birth certificate. Does it makes sense or any courtesy requirement to inform INZ about it? I assume they would have in there records as my kid holds kiwi passport. However i intend to provide an additional details like photocopy of my kids passport, birth certificate. Any suggestions/comments???

- I have 3 traffic infringements 2 of them parking related and one speeding. I have no demerit points on my NZ driving license. All infringements fine paid within time. I believe these are not offences nor convictions. Do these need to be declared as convictions in Section G of PR application?

- Secondly if to be declared as conviction what proof i need to provide as i dont have those notices(misplaced after paying them)?

- Do these infringements fines actually are any offences/conviction? As i believe convictions/offences are something of criminal in nature.

Your comments/suggestions will help me understand my situation better.

Thanks in advance.
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