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Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
Hi all,

I'm currently on bridging visa, applied for a student visa which I'm thinking of withdrawing as I believe it will not be granted. I have superannuation funds, more than $5k. I will be leaving Australia and claiming this money. However, I'm also considering applying for a 190 state sponsored visa, I need the super fund money to help me financially as I won't have a job in the near future and need to pay for the 190 visa. I know I can't claim the super funds if I have a PR application in, so I will wait to apply until I get my super funds and then apply for sponsorship and PR.

Has anyone done this and what issues could I face if I go this route? Will I have problems with my 190 visa application if I withdraw my superfunds?

why would it be a problem?
You are eligible to withdraw your SAF , if you are leaving Oz for good.
Once you get your funds credited to your account,
You can apply to 190.
but,Remember, you must not have any outstanding payments to any AUS govt organizations.
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