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Users Flag! Originally from uk. Users Flag! Expat in thailand.

The number one concern for UK authorities is that she can prove (as far as humanly possible) that she will return to Thailand.
A letter from an employer saying she will be away for a certain length of time (normal holidays in Thailand are not usually more than 2 weeks - so her getting 6 months off work probably won't fly).
Proof of ownership of house and land will help.
Having children in Thailand will also help.
A letter (and proof of income) from you stating that you will cover her expenses while in the UK.
A bank statement from her bank showing she has resources.

It ain't gonna be easy. You may have to resign yourself to visiting her in Thailand for a few years - or at least until you get married, even then it doesn't get much easier.

Good luck - lots have gone before you and found the whole process worth the effort.
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