Does studying abroad give you a competitive advantage?

by Ray Clancy on August 21, 2014

Studying abroad can help students gain an edge over fellow classmates who do not, a new poll suggests.

Travelling helps to broaden their outlook and experience, both of which can give young people an advantage when they come to look for a job.

UK Students

88% of students who studied abroad felt the experience helped them get a job post-graduation

The poll from student travel website Student Universe found that of those who had studied abroad, some 77.1% said it was a valuable experience and 88.2% felt it helped them get a job.

Some 94% put their experience abroad on their CV, and 83% believed having these skills listed helped them to stand out in job applications. The poll also shows that 75% believe studying abroad influenced their subsequent career path.

It found 85% used their experience abroad as a talking point during job interviews, 60% found a job within three months of graduating and 70% ended up in a job where they manage others.

The poll found that studying abroad isn’t just about setting yourself up for a successful future, it’s also about the connections you make and the lessons you learn that have a lasting impact on your personal life.

For example, 97% said that studying abroad helped their self-confidence, 99% said it helped them better understand their strengths and weaknesses, 96% said they would do it again if given the chance and 96% have stayed in touch with those they met abroad.

Overall, 91.5% of total respondents studied abroad in Europe. Some 75% of those spent a semester abroad, while 14.8% spent a year abroad and 93.3% visited another country during their time abroad (aside from the country they were studying in).

According to Paul Jacobs, vice president of marketing at Student Universe, studying abroad helps young adults gain self-confidence, improves cognitive and interpersonal skills, and strengthens cultural sensitivity. It also prepares them for success and gives an edge over their peers as they venture into the professional landscape.

‘We believe studying abroad enriches a college education. Those who take an interest in exploring the world away from home and learning from it, come back motivated and better prepared to take on new challenges. Our objective is to make those experiences more affordable and catered to students’ needs,’ he added.





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