Wills service for British expats in UAE launched

by Ray Clancy on November 17, 2010

Service for expats on wills and testaments

A new wills services for British expats in the Gulf has been launched amid warnings that different rule under Sharia law favors male beneficiaries.

Dubai Expatriate Wills points out that a will is an important legal document with which a person, the testator, names one or more persons to manage his/her estate and sets out the distribution of the assets within it after death.

This is an essential legal document for most people but it takes on even greater significance in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, said managing director Bill Ryan, a former barrister who is now a legal consultant in wills, inheritance and business law.

He points out that the government of Dubai’s website states that the courts of the United Arab Emirates will use Sharia Law to determine the distribution of an estate where there is now a will in existence.

The wills are drafted by a UK barrister using online and offline transmission methods to pass instructions and the company aims to make legal language more understandable for clients.

For the convenience of clients, instructions can be given in a variety of ways including using the online submission and payment option. ‘Regardless of how the instructions are given the wills are always drafted by a qualified lawyer. Another important feature for the online submission service is that each set of will instructions is reviewed for consistencies and errors and if some aspect of the instructions would benefit, improvements are suggested,’ explained Ryan.

‘This all happens before the final will is drafted and sent to the client. So this is not like any other online will service, where wills are drafted by software without human intervention,’ he added.

The Wills are tailored to the needs and requirements of the expat client to give them a customized legal service at low cost and taking into account the implications for expat inheritance having regard to Sharia law.

The services offered includes wills for parents of young children, wills for later in life, lasting power of attorney, living wills and some will trusts e.g. Discretionary Trusts.

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