How much does it cost for a good meal in Dubai?

by mfefadmin on September 7, 2008

This thread was posted to try and gauge the cost of living in Dubai and while this has been achieved it has also turned into a look down memory lane with regards to how much it used to cost for food in Dubai some years ago.  A quick glimpse at some of the price changes will show you that the price of food has moved in line with property prices – higher!

There are some useful comments with regards to information websites and places to visit in Dubai for good food at good prices.  While the cost of food in Dubai has moved higher we are seeing a widening of the spectrum with fast food still fairly cheap in comparison to the higher end of the market.  It seems that the new wealth in the area has created something of a polarised food sector, a situation which looks set to continue into the future.

One post in particular will be very interesting for those looking to move to the area, stating the local price of a number of popular food items and where these prices can be found.  If you are moving to a new country it is very easy to follow the crowds to the tourist spots and incur prices towards the top end of the market, when there may be cheaper alternatives.

This post also confirms the continued interest in the region and the fact that more and more people from around the world seem to be considering moving there to live.


If you are moving to any country in the world you really need to be aware of the cost of everyday goods before you confirm your move.  It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a move and forget to look at the basics and check whether you can actually afford to live there!

Dubai has a reputation as a very expensive area of the world but behind the scenes there are many retail outlets which offer value for money.  A quick look at this post shows how prices for similar goods can vary depending upon where you shop.  However, there are a number of information websites detailed on the thread which will allow you to check the better value for money outlets and compare prices across the board.

Many of those who have contributed to the thread actually live in Dubai and are able to give a view of how it is on the ground, rather than the prices and locations mentioned in the glossy promotional brochures.  You cannot beat on the ground advice from people who live and work there, people who have seen markets change and prices polarised like never before.

Interestingly, a number of contributors to the thread have highlighted the fact that some food establishments in Dubai are actually more expensive than those in London – and London is classified by many as one of the most expensive cities on the planet!

In order to ensure you live life to the full but at a price you can afford it is vital to do your homework and take advice from people who actually live, eat and work there.

Read the full thread on the cost of living in Dubai.

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Hannah November 5, 2008 at 4:02 pm

I have friends who work in Dubai and I asked this so many times. The answer is Dubai is a place of opportunity. Unlike before Dubai is just a plain desert. Dut now things has change. The basic commodity price in Dubai has increase and of course food belongs to this. Anyhow Dubai is still the place if you are into success. But seems I am from the Philippines I also believe that Philippines is the place you want to live for retirement after your success in Dubai. Food in the Philippines is cheaper and cost of living is lower than those any other countries. But again Dubai is the place of opportunity and Philippines is the place of retirement a slow phase and relax environment.

Visit thank you 🙂


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