Retiring To Cyprus – Where To Look And What To Look For

by mfefadmin on September 7, 2008

The whole concept of forums has never been as well demonstrated as this thread where one comment about a couple looking to move to Cyprus to retire has attracted posters from every angle you could imagine!

While it is obvious that the couple looking to retire to the Island of Cyprus have looked at other venues – they already have property in Spain – it is also a good idea to get comments from those on the ground. However, even though we would all like to hope that moving overseas is a bed of roses and very simple this is not always the case. We can all learn as much from those who have moved back home as those that have stayed in the area for many years.

On the subject of location the thread seems to have attracted lovers of each and every part of the country with some very passionate arguments for and against certain areas. One thing which is blindingly obvious is the fact that Cyprus seems to offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for a quiet life, a lively time or a mixture of the two.

Cyprus is one of those countries which are often overshadowed by problems of the past but when you check the area out it has always been a magnet for young and old from all parts of the world. Threads like this one give people the chance to promote the real Cyprus and not just the headlines which you see in the press. For that we should be very grateful…….


Like so many threads we have covered in the past this one has started with a fairly open post which has gone on and developed into something both informative, interesting and in many cases eye opening. Cyprus is something of an enigma to many people, an area which has been overshadowed by past problems which are now long gone, so what are we missing out on?

The fact that a simple question about where to retire has brought about such a variation of ideas and comments suggests that there really is something for everyone. While there is a large ex-pat community it is interesting to see that many people looking at, or in fact living in, Cyprus feel comfortable taking in the ex-pat way of life and the culture of Cyprus itself. It is refreshing to see newcomers to a country actively seeking to embrace the local culture and expand their minds.

As you would expect from a country which is highly dependent upon tourism there seems to be something of a spread of prices in the housing market. There is also a suggestion that many people who moved there in the past have chosen the wrong area, deciding to go with the holiday crowd which changes constantly, making it very difficult to make long term friendships in the country.

It appears that Cyprus is becoming more and more popular, a point which is hammered home by the growing number of posters who have either moved there or are looking to move there. While you could argue that safety in numbers is important to many who move overseas, it is more the fact that there is so much help at hand which seems to be calming the nerves of many looking at Cyprus.

Join the discussion on reitring to Cyprus here.

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lorraine stanley January 15, 2010 at 7:38 pm

can i still get my disability allowance and incapacity benefit over in cyprus, and can my husband still receive his raf pension their, how dificult is it to buy or rent over their


Max Lawless July 28, 2011 at 7:29 am

You sound like a fellow Australian, if I'm not mistaken.


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