Protaras City Guide

by Jose Marc Castro on August 12, 2007

Protaras is a Cyprus tourist bathing resort under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Paralimni. Currently, the place is booming with several seaside villas, hotels, apartments, pubs and restaurants which explain the sudden influx of visitors. You will definitely enjoy the white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters in this northern part of the country. People usually find Protaras ideal for growing families or retirees.

Residential Places in Protaras

Politically, the villas, hotels and apartments in Protaras still belong to Paralimni. In Orestiada, you will find several private properties up for sale. The development is just one kilometer away from the coast. 2-3 bedroom villas with swimming pools are available.

There are also hotel apartments such as the Artemis Hotel Apartments featuring a full modern complex consisting of 106 apartments. 89 have a single bedroom while 17 are studio-type. The apartments are basically complete with a kitchenette, bath and shower, balcony, air-conditioning, mini fridge, telephone and radio. There are also additional facilities like a fitness area, swimming pool, volleyball and tennis court, kids’ playground, restaurant, café, bar, laundry and salon.

The village of Vrysoulles has 27 detached villas which fuses both traditional and contemporary influence. The villas have large front lawns and backyards with a great view of the coastline or countryside. In the Kapparis area, you will see several townhouses which include 2 bedrooms and a private parking space.

Hospitals and Universities in Protaras

LITO Private Hospital is a medical facility located in Protaras which offers modern diagnostic equipment and the most recent treatment approaches. It was first created in 1988 to provide more help to residents in the Famagusta area. It is license as a private institution by the Health Ministry of Cyprus. Famagusta Hospital is another state-of-the-art medical facility known for its expertise in handling emergency and surgical procedures.

Educational Facilities

As for education, there are currently no universities in Protaras. Students move to nearby regions or to the nation’s capital, Nicosia to go to college. The T.E.C. is a private institution offering tertiary education. It is located ten minutes away from Protaras in Sotira. It is registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus so it can award graduates with its own diplomas. There are also opportunities provided for graduates to continue studying in universities abroad.

Students living in Protaras study in local elementary schools, high schools and colleges in nearby regions. Most go to InterNapa College while others move as far as the University of Nicosia.

Commercial Places in Protaras

Diving enthusiasts go to Easy Divers to get the latest equipment and tools. There are several dive shops located at seaside arcades.

If you’re a fan of jewelry, go to George Christou Jewellery which features a wide array of designs, the latest fashion trends are included as well as traditional lines. All jewelry from Christou are hallmarked and certified. You may also get custom-made jewelry. The jewelers in the store will be more than pleased to offer you expert advice on the pieces you have or are planning to buy.

There are over 300 shopping hubs in Protaras which include souvenir shops, antique stores, jewelry stores, clothing shops and trinket stalls. You will also find a variety of designer labels in the area like Agatha Shoes.

Dining Establishments

Rocks Restaurant in Protaras serves international cuisine as well as traditional Cypriot dishes. Families enjoy the exotic sauces and unique vegetarian dishes aside from the delectable steaks, pastas and soups.

The Steak & Ale Restaurant is another great dining place. They have a huge menu with selections like Spanakopitakia, Country Chicken, Mousaka, Cayanee chicken and Tetrazini chicken. They also have a lot of seafood dishes to choose from. This place is ideal for dates, families and formal dinners.

Anemos Beach Restaurant is a must-see featuring a great view of the ocean aside from the unique choices of seafood cuisine. The Raj Indian Restaurant was created in 1992 and is one of the most popular in Protaras. It has a very nice and relaxing ambiance with great service.

Service Establishments of Protaras

Transportation services in Protaras are still not fully developed as you may only have the options of either taking a taxi or renting a private vehicle. Buses come occasionally that take passengers from city to city. However, there are not many public transport vehicles available. Only tourists may have the privilege of going about in a bus provided by hotels during organized excursions. You may also rent scooters or bicycles.

Water is safe to drink anywhere in Cyprus. Water Boards together with the Government Health and General Laboratory work together in order to keep the water free from toxins and other waste and harmful agents.

Telecommunications is good in Protaras and almost all telephones in the area can be reached anywhere in the world via direct dialing network. Telephone rates are also very cheap in the country compared to other European nations. Protaras Internet TV provides both internet and cable connections to residents in the area.

Embassies in Protaras

The British High Commission in Cyprus is located at Alexander Pallis Street P.O. Box 21978, 1587 Nicosia. UK expatriates will have to settle all international affairs and transactions in the capital city since there is no office available in Protaras. The embassy aims to create a strong and lasting relationship between Cypriots and Britons.

Included services provided are passport or visa application and clearance, referrals to Cypriot agencies, institutions and companies for those who intend to invest or start a career in Protaras, migration or visitation matters and many more. The High Commissioner intends to meet the interests of both nations in aspects like trade, education, tourism, etc.

Peter Millett is currently the High Commissioner in the British embassy in Nicosia. Consular and passport services are available from 8 am to 12 noon while visa and immigration services are available from 9 am to 12 noon on weekdays. There is also a UK Trade and Investment Section in the embassy which aims to support business relationships between the United Kingdom and Cyprus.

For more information, contact the following:
Telephone enquiries: 22861100
Email enquiries: [email protected] or [email protected]

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Mike Dawson May 1, 2010 at 7:11 am

I couldn’t find any info on the walk along the beach at Protaras. This should be on the Paralimini Municipality web site but not even a reference to it. Found a great walk from Konos Bay, again, no tourist info on it.


steve June 17, 2010 at 12:36 pm

Hi all,

I have a female colleague due to relocate in the Famagusta District for my business. She’s English and lives alone and don’t want her to be completely isolated where she lives. she’s been offered something in Protaras. I’d be grateful of any advice anyone can offer please?



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