Kyrenia City Guide

by Jose Marc Castro on August 13, 2007

Kyrenia is a uniquely quaint and charming city located on the Northern coast of Cyprus. In many ways, it is the ideal Mediterranean town by virtue of its endless stretches of pristine beaches, calm sea and perpetually mild climate. Kyrenia’s colorful history stretches back over 6,000 years and is apparent in the many stunning architectural ruins that dot the city.

With the sea serving as its border to the north and the green hills of the Beşparmak Mountain range to the south, Kyrenia is indeed a serenely picturesque gem of a city.

Residential Places in Kyrenia

There are many places within Kyrenia that would make ideal locations for you to live in, whether you intend to stay only for a few weeks or a lot longer. You can take your pick from any of the many apartments in the heart of the city, or you could opt for the calming serenity of a secluded villa up in the mountains.

Ilgaz is a particularly scenic village, with many areas commanding spectacular views of the beaches. Set a bit of a ways up the Kyrenia Mountains, there are relatively few business establishments here, with only one restaurant within reasonable distance. If it is important for you to have shops and dining establishments nearby, you may want to look elsewhere for a place to take up residence.

Karsiyaka is a better option if you want easy access to all the amenities. This village is just as charming as Ilgaz, although the vantage point is almost exactly opposite. Karsiyaka is actually located by the sea, and therefore most of the views that you will enjoy from this location are of the Kyrenia Mountain Range. Not to worry though, you certainly won’t be lacking for any views of the ocean!

You won’t be lacking for anything to do or places to dine either, as there are many shops, restaurants and beaches nearby.

Hospitals and Universities of Kyrenia

Health care services in Kyrenia is generally first-rate, although serious medical cases that require procedures such as major surgery are typically flown to Burhan Nalbandoglu in Nicosia. The main government hospital in Kyrenia is AK Cicek Hospital, which you can call at 815 2266.

There are a number of other smaller hospitals, private clinics and health care establishments in the city as well, among them: Celiker Hospital, which you can call at 815 4950, the Kyrenia Medical Centre, which you can call at 815 3282 and the Ozel Hastanesi, which you can call at 815 2155. In addition, you can call for 24-hour emergency ambulance pickup services simply by dialing 112, although response times tend to be a bit unpredictable.

The most important educational institution in Kyrenia is the Girne American University. The city was also previously home to the International American University, although it was closed down in 1999.

Girne American University is particularly noteworthy not only for its high level of educational excellence and the wide range of degree programs that it offers, but also for its geographical location.

Located on the ancient silk trading road that for thousands of years served as the trade passage between the East and the West, the Girne American University strives to provide its students the best traits of both culture’s educational principles, making this historically significant location particularly fitting.

Commercial Places in Kyrenia

Whether your tastes lean towards the traditional or the outlandish, the exotic or the familiar, you will have no trouble finding a restaurant in Kyrenia that will fit the bill. You will probably want the option to go with a “safer” cuisine your first time around, but do try to sample some of the local delicacies. We are sure you won’t soon forget the experience!

Niazi’s is one of the first places you must visit and it will give you an opportunity to ease into the local Kyrenia cuisine by way of a somewhat familiar dish: the kebab. This is no ordinary kebab mind you: Niazi’s has developed its own unique spin on the concept and offers a “full kebab” with all the accoutrements. Definitely a must-try!

The Address Restaurant enjoys a healthy clientele all year ’round and with its accommodating ambience and excellent food, it is easy to see why. They feature a huge menu of appetizers and entrees that you can enjoy either indoors or outdoors.

The Ambiance Restaurant is another busy dining establishment, and you should probably book a table in advance. It is definitely worth the extra step however, as the atmosphere, not to mention the menu of International and traditional dishes, is simply phenomenal.

Service Establishments of Kyrenia

Here are the telephone numbers of some utility companies and service providers that you may find useful while you are in Kyrenia.

For electrical connections you can call the Girne Electricity Company at 815 2115.

For telephone services, you can call 815 2128.

The water company can be reached at 815 2116 and the Post Office at 815 2108.

There are many Internet service providers in Kyrenia, and it would be best if you looked through the local listings once you are in town so you can find one nearby. In any case, here are some of the more popular ones: Baseline Computers, which can be reached at 0533 8620206, Bortec Communications at 822 3620, Com Aks Computers at 815 3600, Comtech at 228 8444 and Dot-Com-Dave at 0533 8479554.

For your convenience, many banks in Kyrenia now offer direct debit services so that all your bill payments can be handled automatically from one location.

Embassies in Kyrenia

Unfortunately there is no British consulate office in Kyrenia, although it shouldn’t be too much trouble to get in touch with the office of the British High Commission in Nicosia. Their address is Alexander Pallis Street PO Box 21978, 1587 Nicosia. You can call them at +357 22 861100 and fax them at

(357) (22) 861125 for general information,

(357) (22) 861175 for management,

(357) (22) 861200 for consular assistance,

(357) (22) 861150 for commercial inquiries and

(357) (22) 861315 for chancery.

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