Isn’t life wonderful in Cyprus?

by mfefadmin on September 6, 2008

Is life all it is made out to be in Cyprus? Do the brochures tell you exactly what it is like on the ground? Read on…..

The poll at the start of the thread is quite revealing with 42% of voters happy with life in Cyprus and the balance either partly happy, unsure or not happy at all. A quick look at the thread will show you that there appear to be a few romances in to the air but it does bring up some interesting points for those looking to live overseas. You only get back what you put into the move!

One of the more prominent posters makes the valid point that people move to Cyprus expecting life to be perfect when it can never be. There will be elements you like, elements you dislike and many more in between but it is up to you to adapt to life in a foreign land, not the locals to adapt to you.

Many people have different reasons to start a new life overseas, many have families although some are alone. There are no promises when you move overseas, you need to do your homework and more than ever you MUST sample the local life away from the tourist areas before you decide to move lock, stock and barrel.

While this thread was closed due to it running offline a little, and looking more like a dating ad, don’t let this overshadow the points which have been brought up – many tongue in cheek but very valid.


Even though this thread moved away for the original question before it was closed it is a very thought provoking piece which brings home some of the more vital elements of moving overseas. Life in a foreign land is not all champagne and skittles it needs work, there will be difference and it really is up to you to adapt. While areas such as Cyprus can be very accommodating to ex-Brits the country also needs to maintain its own identity, something which it has fought very hard for over the years.

While one particular poster makes a number of tongue in cheek comments about the need to adapt and for people to stop complaining, he does have a point. Too many people catch a glimpse of the holiday brochures and the tourist guides without looking behind the scenes at real life in places such as Cyprus. There are very few countries which will be identical in culture and working practices to the place you have left, but then again you left for a reason so why would you want to move from home to home?

You can understand people with young families needing added assurances that a new life in a foreign land is safe for their children but there are always risks involved in moving abroad. You need to have done your homework, your need to be willing to adapt to your new surroundings and you need to be willing to give it a real go and make the effort. It will take time to adapt to even the best places in the world so you need to go there with a positive mind set and the knowledge that it won’t happen overnight!

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