New Long Term Multiple Entry Visa for Canadians Visiting China

by Ray Clancy on March 11, 2015

China has announced a new long term multiple entry visa for Canadian citizens which will be valid for up to 10 years.

It has been introduced with the aim of making travel to Chine easier, reducing costs and cutting down on delays and time spent preparing for trips to the country.

canadaPASSPORTCanadian Citizenship and Immigration minister Chris Alexander said it will directly benefit Canadian business people, who regularly travel between the two countries to boost exports, as well as tourists and Canadians visiting family, enhancing people to people ties.

Canadians can submit their requests for the new multiple entry visa to Chinese consulates and authorities.

Canada recently opened new trade offices in China to provide more on the ground support to Canadian businesses, bringing the total to 15 offices and 100 trade commissioners and the recently updated Canada-China Air Transport Agreement has helped support an increase in air traffic between Canada and China of approximately 14% between 2013 and 2014, to reach close to 1.5 million total one way passenger trips.

‘Canada welcomes China’s decision, which will further promote tourism and trade between our two great countries. This mirrors steps taken by our government to make it easier and faster for genuine travellers to come to Canada. Greater travel facilitation ensures increased opportunities to strengthen our vital people-to-people, tourism and business ties,’ said Alexander.

Meanwhile, Alexander has also paid tribute to the latest winners of the third Annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards, which recognizes the entrepreneurial success of newcomers who have made Canada their home.

These awards, organized by the City of Ottawa in partnership with the Economic Club of Canada, recognize four exceptional individuals who have made great contributions to the entrepreneurial community in Ottawa.

He pointed out that the government is committed to ensuring that newcomers integrate and contribute fully to the Canadian economy, and to their communities, as soon as possible.

‘We are proud to support innovation and entrepreneurship that benefits the Canadian economy and contributes to job creation. I am pleased to recognise the hard work of these talented individuals who are living proof that newcomers from different parts of the world can successfully bring new ideas and opportunities to communities across Canada,’ he added.


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