Creation of a multicultural society highlighted at Canadian symposium

by Ray Clancy on November 21, 2014

Communities, individuals and organisations all play a role in helping immigrants integrate when they arrive in Canada, a symposium has heard.

It helps newcomers to learn about Canadian history, values, and responsibilities and work toward a common future, according to Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Alexander.


The CRRF strives to help Canadians combat racial discrimination

He told the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) symposium that building a multi-cultural road map will help to combat discrimination and result in a more inclusive Canadian society.

The symposium, entitled Our Canada: Building on Citizenship, Building for Citizenship, saw hundreds of delegates discuss and examine various issues related to multiculturalism now and in the future.

The CRRF strives to help Canadians combat racial discrimination. It also provides a knowledge base from which public, private and voluntary organizations can draw to develop effective policies and practices that respect diversity and promote inclusive citizenship.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) supports the work of organizations like the CRRF so that all Canadians can enjoy the rights and privileges of citizenship and contribute to Canada’s economic and social prosperity.

The CRRF was created with a $24 million endowment from the Government of Canada.

The work completed and the knowledge shared at the symposium will contribute to a report that will serve as a benchmark for future best practices in race relations.

‘Our diversity is one of the great strengths of our country, and one of the ways in which Canada serves as a great inspiration to so many people around the world who wish to come here and make better lives for themselves and their families,’ said Alexander.

‘Our government is working to ensure newcomers have the tools they need to successfully integrate and fully contribute to their communities and Canadian society,’ he added.


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