Canada speeds up permanent residence application process

by Ray Clancy on December 14, 2012

Canada speeds up permanent residence application process

Skilled temporary foreign workers in Canada will soon be able to become permanent residence faster than ever before, it has been announced. As from 02 January 2013, skilled worker applicants will be able to apply to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) programme after 12 months of Canadian work experience, a year sooner than the previously required 24 months.  In addition, graduates will have more time to earn their one year of work experience, up to 36 months, compared to only 24 months previously.

‘The CEC helps Canada attract the immigrants our economy requires, that is individuals who have valuable Canadian work experience and the necessary skills to benefit our country’s current labour market needs,’ said Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney, ‘These skilled workers are set for success and expediting their transition to permanent residence will help Canada to respond to ongoing labour market challenges’.

He explained that the programme is more flexible for applicants, particularly for skilled worker applicants who will be eligible to qualify for permanent residency more quickly. International students will also benefit by gaining more time to acquire the necessary experience to apply for permanent residency. Through the CEC, which was created in 2008, Canada has admitted more than 20,000 international students and skilled workers. In 2013, CIC intends to accept a record high of up to 10,000 permanent residents through this program which is a significant increase from the 2545 who were admitted in 2009.

‘The government is committed to creating a fast and flexible immigration system that works for Canada’s economy. The CEC has become Canada’s fastest growing economic immigration programme and is part of our plan to attract the best and brightest from around the world,’ added Kenney.

Quote from : “Hi I’m a new member and have been glancing at this forum for the past few months and would like to add that I have found it very informative. My wife and I are looking to visit Canada in March/April time next year for a month initially. This so that we can plan a permanent move later on in the year, having just been successful with our visa application.”

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