UK fast track visa for Indian applicants

by Ray Clancy on February 19, 2013

UK fast track visa for Indian applicants

Indian are being encouraged to come to the UK with a faster visa processing system for businessmen and a no limit on the number of students studying in the country. Prime Minister David Cameron has declared that for Indians limits on immigration will be relaxed and a new same day visa system introduced for business people.

Arriving in Mumbai for a trade mission, Cameron said that the changes are being introduced as a direct result of complaints about the current system which can take three days or more to process visa applications and a drop in the number of Indian students studying in the UK. The new super priority visa system will start next month and is aimed at businessmen who need to make frequent trips to the UK who will be able to have a visa processed in just 24 hours.

‘The new scheme begins in March and will be available at application centres in Delhi and Mumbai. It has been set up following feedback from prominent Indian businesses and will run alongside the current priority and standard visa services,’ said a spokesman for the UK Border Agency.

The UK runs the largest visa operation in the world in India, processing over 400,000 visa applications a year and granting nine out of 10 applicants a visa ‘It is easier than ever before for Indian nationals to apply for a visa, with UKBA operating 12 visa application centres across India, more application centres than any other country,’ he added. Cameron also pointed out that there is no limit on the number of Indian students that study in British universities. ‘They obviously need an English language qualification and a place. But there’s no limit on the numbers,’ he said.

Quote from : “I just need advice to clear confusion. Its been over a month and two weeks i have applied for spouse visa, My wife is British citizen. We got married about 6 months back in India both in civil and religious way, prior to our wedding we were in relationship from last 3 years, in these 3 years we both have done multiple trips to UK and India to see each other after few month.”

He also explained that if a student got a job he could stay and work in the UK and there was no limit on the length of time for that. There have been concerns that fewer Indians are choosing to study in the UK due to a crackdown on immigration from outside the European Union. They are regarded as vital for the financial health of the university system which needs the income from overseas student fees.

New immigration rules have led to a steep fall in the number of Indian students which according to figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) show they are down by 10,000. John Mountford, international director of the Association of Colleges, said the fall was the result of new visa restrictions and a clampdown on post study work visas. However, India still accounts for 10% of all higher education students from outside the EU who study in the UK, making the country second only behind China whose 78,715 students, up almost a fifth on the previous year, account for more than a quarter.

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Indian2020 February 22, 2013 at 10:39 pm

All nonsense tactics..the British PM just wants large defense contracts from India and all this is a useless exercise to impress Indians nothing else until the British get those valuable contracts and then they will go back to their horrible discriminating treatment towards Indians. It is a very well known fact in India that even visitors to UK are treated badly, many Indians avoid the Uk due to visa harassment and an unneccessarily high percentage of visa rejections for Indians, and each year so many Indians are killed ot beaten up in racist attacks in the UK. Indian student visa applications didnt decline due to visa rules only…they declined after the brutal racist murder of an Indian student which became a big news in India. UK is not at all welcoming towards Indians, look at any British news comments online posted by thousands of British readers and all their highly racist hate filled comments about Indians.At the moment British are confused whether to go for a stronger european union or focus on building a stronger commonwealth….obviously the commonwealth is more economically appealing but unless British change their attitude towards non white immigrants they will always be in trouble, its better to shut doors for all immigrants but at least treat the visitors with respect and a welcoming attitude? There is a reson why France gets 80 million visitors and UK only 20 million each year.


YUWAREE PONBOON May 14, 2015 at 5:55 pm

Dear Sir / Madam

I would like to have my UK passport back please.
I had sent some postal order for £117 in the last two week really do not know I will
have my UK passport back please. I had sent to in India Visa Fast Track in London Office.
Please Could you help me please.

Many Thanks

Ms.Yuwaree Ponboon

( 14/05/2015 )


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