Study abroad has multiple benefits, according to survey of British students

by Ray Clancy on September 14, 2016

British students believe that studying abroad increases empathy towards international students and gives them an enhanced confidence, according to a new survey.

Those who have been abroad also return with skills and an outlook that can be a valuable resource to promote overseas study, says the study from the British Council.

University-StudentsIts Broadening Horizons 2016 report said they believe that they are more employable than those who had not studied abroad and many identified other benefits of the experience, including improved communication skills and increased confidence.

It also says that returned home students can further enhance the UK international student experience with 91% of respondents saying after study abroad they feel more strongly that domestic students should welcome and include international students.

The report also identified a welcome and largely unexpected result of study abroad is a new self-confidence that may permeate students’ social and academic lives.

‘Our research shows that, after study abroad, UK home students are eager to share their wisdom and worldview with their peers,’ said Zainab Malik, education intelligence research director.

‘By inspiring returned students to unpack the lessons learned while overseas and to be advocates for study abroad and for international students, the life changing effects of the experience are maximised and shared,’ Malik added.

The key findings from the study are that 91% said study abroad made them more inclusive and welcoming to international students, citing greater empathy towards international students and the challenges they may face.

Some 83% of students believed that study abroad had strengthened their job prospects and returned home students largely believed they are more employable than those who had not studied abroad.

Also 91% were likely to recommend study abroad to other students and would emphasise positive value to their social, personal and professional lives while 81% were more interested in global issues after studying abroad and 69% said they had become more interested in national political issues after study abroad.

The report concludes that there is a positive relationship between study abroad during higher education and the desire to go abroad again, for academic or professional reasons. Almost one third of respondents would ‘definitely’ apply for job abroad and 54% stated that they were now more open to the option.

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Centro MundoLengua September 21, 2016 at 3:03 pm

It is an interesting question to ask what is the importance of studying abroad. Nowadays, compared to, lets say, 100 years ago, it is almost unthinkable for an individual to never come into contact with another culture, country or individual; which is a basic symptom of the eruption of globalisation during the 20th century. Thus, it is clear that the world and the way we interact with others from around it is changing, which is why I find the underlying premise of this article so relevant. Education has to constantly evolve and reflect the contemporary outlook, which studying abroad achieves. When you are in a foreign country you become more sensitive to the smallest of cultural differences (for instance, how long do you have for your lunchbreak? What time do people eat?), and this gives individuals an opportunity to appreciate and embrace that others do live a different lifestyle. This is an education in itself as it ensures that one is culturally sensitive, rather than intolerant, of different ways and walks of life; it contributes to an education required to be a good global citizen.

This coupled with language learning is incredibly liberating, as it gives you the option to not be confined within the borders of your own country, but instead free to travel or to work abroad. Centro MundoLengua offers a variety of different study abroad programmes, that vary from a couple of weeks over summer to whole semesters at a time. They all offer the experience to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and have lots of fun in the process, all whilst improving your command of the language.

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