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by Jose Marc Castro on August 18, 2008

UKflag200Sheffield is a city in the South Yorkshire part of England that has grown out of its industrial beginnings into one of the captivating cities in the world. A member of the English Core Cities Group, Sheffield is the one of the eight largest cities in the country aside from London. Sheffield as a city is near the confluence of five rivers and with much of its landscape on hillsides, you can have full views of the countryside or the city center.

Sheffield has managed to reinvent itself into an impressive and highly sophisticated urban cultural center with some of the most modern features to be found anywhere in the world, as well as stately homes dating back to hundreds of years. In spite of this remarkable development, Sheffield’s parks and woodlands remain some of its most distinctive aspects. The city has more trees per person than any other city in Europe estimated at a count of two million with nearly 61% of the city space is devoted to greenery.

Residential Places in Sheffield

Housing costs in Sheffield have gone up in recent years, as it has in the rest of the country. There is a great demand for residential properties in the city, and this has understandably brought about a scarcity of houses and apartments. Vacant units are usually snapped up within hours of being posted. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find a residence in the area; it will only take a bit of time and patience.

This point of view was elucidated in a post at the Britain Expat Forum last January 6, 2009:

I don’t think any parts of the UK are particularly bad….only inner city areas in the larger cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester etc. I think both the North and South of England have a lot going for it. While the South of England is seen as more wealthy, hence higher house prices, the North is a lot friendlier, and a lot cheaper to live there. I’d recommend cities like Sheffield, Bath, York, Harrogate, Leeds. Sheffield is the greenest city in England, and is being redeveloped day by day. While places like Bath, York and Harrogate are smaller, they are picturesque, have a lot of history, and are quiet if you like that kind of thing.

A local community newspaper in Sheffield recently pegged the average price of houses at £154,500. Prices may of course vary widely depending on where you are in the city. A 3-bedroom, one bathroom house in Tullibardine Road, Ecclesall for example was listed at £284,950. A 2-bedroom house in the city center with one bathroom was listed at £69,950.

If ever you are considering moving to Sheffield, do heed the advice of an expat at the Britain Expat Forum last October 28, 2008:

hi i live in sheffield, south yorkshire which is a beautiful place to live eg very green,although i have never seen knife crime & i beleive alot is to do with drug and rival gangs i still worry alot about it as i have three young children growing up and knowing they will be going out in the city at night will freak me out .

Hospitals and Universities of Sheffield

On the medical front, Sheffield is primarily known for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Serving as the headquarters of the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield Children’s Hospital is located in the Broomhill district, and is affiliated with both the Sheffield Medical School of the University of Sheffield and the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing at Sheffield Hallam University.

Northern General Hospital is another major hospital in the city, with many of its medical personnel trained in the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. Northern General offers 1100 beds, and is currently undergoing expansion with Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy departments having recently been opened.

Some other notable hospitals in the city are Jessop Hospital for Women, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield Royal Infirmary, Weston Park Hospital, and the Shrewsbury Hospital.

Learning Facilities

There are two universities in Sheffield: the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. With a combined student population of over 55,000 students every year, a veritable industry of bars, cafes, clubs and shops and student accommodation facilities have sprung up in the surrounding areas to meet the demand.

There are also two tertiary educational institutions in the city: Sheffield College and Longley Park Sixth Form College.

Commercial Places in Sheffield

The choices for shopping in Sheffield are virtually endless, with each section of the city having something unique to offer. The city center is obviously where most of the shops and shopping malls can be found, although you would be missing out if you don’t at least check out the outlying areas. The City Centre is packed with many large stores and individual shops are located in Castle Market, the High Street, the Peace Gardens and the Moors.

The Meadowhall Shopping Centre is the biggest shopping center in the city, and is in fact one of the biggest in Europe. With more than 270 shops offering everything from designer brands and haute couture labelsto more affordable clothes, crafts and accessories, Meadowhall Shopping Centre is the place to go to if you only have time to shop at one store. The smaller version of this one stop shop mecca is called Crystal Peaks and is located on the southern edge of the city.

Fargate is widely considered to be the fashion center of the city, and the myriad street entertainers and specialist markets that litter the area make it in immensely entertaining and rewarding experience even if you don’t buy a thing!

Orchard Square is located just off Fargate and is well worth visiting for its many stores that focus on crafts. Finally, the Devonshire Quarter is where you should go to find more esoteric curios and souvenirs that you simply can’t find anywhere else in the city.

Service Establishments of Sheffield

Electricity supply services in Sheffield are provided by CE Electric UK. The company provides a wide range of electrical services such as street lighting, un-metered connections for advertising hoardings, bus shelters and phone kiosks, small industrial and commercial supplies and domestic connections and infrastructure from single plot households to large-scale housing developments.

CE Electric operates a customer relations center that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so any electricity related concerns can be dealt with as soon as possible. The emergency telephone number is 0800 375 675. For non-emergency concerns, such as getting your electricity supply connected or cut off, you can call 0845 602 4453 from 8:30am and 4:45pm, Monday to Friday. You can also reach the company at NEDL/YEDL Connections Center, Cargo Fleet Lane, Middlesbrough, TS3 8DG or call them at 08450 702 703 Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:45pm.

Gas supply service in the city is provided by the National Grid through an extensive gas distribution network that operates throughout much of England. You can find out how to get a gas connection to your house as well as information about the company’s other serviced from their website at

For your water supply needs, you can contact either Severn Trent Water or Yorkshire Water. Severn Trent Water can be reached through their website at, or you can call the following telephone numbers: 0800 783 4444 for emergencies and 08457 500 500 for billing inquiries. Yorkshire Water can be reached at PO Box 52, Bradford, BD3 7YD, or you can call their main contact number 0845 1 24 24 24.

Embassies in Sheffield

There are currently two countries that have consular offices in Sheffield: Poland and Finland.

The Consulate of Poland can be reached at 4 Palmerston Road Sheffield S10 2TE. You can reach them by telephone and fax at 00 44 114 276 6513. You can also visit their website at for more information.

The Consulate of Finland can be reached at 98, Graham Rd, Ranmoor, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S10 3GQ.You can also call them at 0114 263 0334.

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