New UK visa regulations could put off foreign students who contribute £2 billion a year to the British economy, it is claimed

by Ray Clancy on April 28, 2010

New UK student visa regulations are frustrating overseas students and damaging the country’s education reputation, according to a new study by the UK Council for International Student Affairs.

It found that 83.4% of international students think the cost of a UK student visa is unreasonable and more than half, some 58.6%, of those applying for an extension to their UK visa did not think the application process was quick and efficient.

Since October last year, all international students from outside the European Union have to apply for a new student visa if they wish to change the college or university were they are studying. The council estimates that more than 40,000 students will be applying to change their place of study this summer.

Under the new points based system many students face delays to their applications and the return of their identification documents, the study found and almost half those applying for a UK visa extension, 48.6%, did not find the application form easy to complete.

According to chief executive Dominic Scott the UK risks missing out on international students and the income they bring if the system takes too long.

‘We are heading to a bit of a precipice. The new law that came in last October said it’s a crimminal offence for a student to begin a new course without getting a new visa extension yet many need to do so as they finish A-levels and start degrees or finish degrees and go on to post-graduate study. Many may well give up and go home if they can’t get it,’ he explained.  More than a quarter of a million foreign students, predominantly from south Asia, Africa and China, contribute £2 billion each year through course fees to Britain’s higher education sector.

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Dave May 5, 2010 at 3:14 pm

The UK is flooded with fake students. Of course “83.4% of international students think the cost of a UK student visa is unreasonable.” Even if they aren’t really here to work, or just stay until they can marry someone or gain residency, any student would answer that any fees were too high.

Hopefully some of them will go home.

Did any of you realise that it was only recently that it was *discussed* that students on short courses should not be able to bring their families. Thats right, they could bring their wife, mum, and the kids. Free education and benefits!


Guest May 12, 2010 at 5:49 am

Every person has the freedom of movement and the right to choose where to stay. New visa regulations violates that human right.


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