New scheme to help British graduates find jobs abroad

by Ray Clancy on March 5, 2013

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New scheme to help British graduates find jobs abroad

Working abroad could help UK graduates who have been struggling to get a job in the current challenging economic climate, it is claimed. In many regions around the world there is a huge and growing demand for English language teaching and a need for quality teachers to meet this, according to the British Council, which has launched a new scheme to help provide unemployed graduates from the last three years with a gateway into a job.

It says that the opportunities will provide an exciting and dynamic career which gives an insight into other cultures and communities while also helping people around the world to meet their own goals and aspirations. The British Council will subsidise successful applicants to study an intensive or part time Trinity CertTESOL or Cambridge CELTA course at a UK training centre which will give them the necessary basic qualifications to go abroad and work as an English teacher.

The application deadline is 01 April and conditions apply but successful applicants will receive a British Council training grant of 50% of the course fee (tuition only) to be undertaken in the UK. After the one month course, successful applicants will also be provided with one day of additional training at the British Council which will give them guidance about starting a career as an English teacher overseas or in the UK.

One graduate, Isabel Roffe-Silvester, said she was worried about finding a job after finishing her studies at Bath University with a degree in Modern Languages and European Studies. On her university year abroad she was a language assistant with the British Council in France and tutored English alongside studying at an Italian fashion institute, however, she struggled to find the right job.

‘I was ready to finish my studies and move to a new and exciting city, but at the same time I was worried about my job prospects and colossal university debts. A BA in Modern Languages and European Studies hasn’t made me exempt from scrolling through endless applications and applying for countless jobs just for the sake of it,’ she explained. ‘Being interested in fashion design, I was looking to combine the skills I had learnt through my degree with my creative side. I was also hoping that my career pathway would involve a decent amount of travelling. Perhaps I was being too picky,’ she added.

Quote from : “Im looking to move to Australia as soon as I can and was wondering if there are any tips you can give to a recent graduate. Ideally I would like to have a job sorted before moving but as a graduate I dont know how difficult this would be having no experience.”

She had grown to love teaching but hadn’t really considered it as a full time career. She considered applying for a CELTA course to get a vocational qualification which would open new doors and opportunities but the cost was off-putting. When she heard about the British Council’s English Teaching Graduate Scheme she realised that she could do it.

‘The CELTA tutors really inspired me in my teaching and although the course was very demanding, I learnt so much in a short space of time. I’d really recommend a CELTA course to anyone who is considering teaching in any form, shape or size. Even though it may only be the beginning of a teaching career, it will provide you with a foundation of teaching methods that could enable you to teach anything and anywhere. It is incredibly worthwhile and the skills that you learn will transfer to many a job,’ she said.

‘All you need is a desire to teach and a little flexibility and perhaps the occasional tendency to throw yourself in at the deep end would be a help. At our training day it was great to meet other budding teachers, and it was really interesting to learn about different career pathways in English language teaching, from teaching children to academics,’ she added.

Isabel is now in Brighton to do some design projects and teach English part time then she hopes to move abroad, probably to an African country, where she can combine English language teaching with other workshops and creative projects.

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Ant Standring March 6, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Very interesting. I’d like to highlight a vital sentence for those choosing to skim through this time-sensitive opportunity:

“The application deadline is 01 April and conditions apply but successful applicants will receive a British Council training grant of 50% of the course fee (tuition only) to be undertaken in the UK.”

Thanks for the info; your Spanish readers may also like this relative news bit.


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