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by Jose Marc Castro on August 18, 2008

UKflag200Liverpool is a world-renowned city that is nestled right in the heart of the Northwest England. It is also regarded as Britain’s much-loved destination, particularly for daytime excursions. The locals are known as Liverpudlians. But they may also be referred to as Scousers, with regard to the native meal called “scouse” – a type of stew.

Liverpool’s downtown district is filled with marvelous structures and impressive architecture. There are many architectural styles found on the many buildings in the area, from the early Tudor style to Post Modernist Architectural style. On the other hand, the waterfront area is packed with millions of tourists every year to marvel at the restored Albert Dock. Aside from being a tourist destination, the people in Liverpool are also passionate about sports. As a matter of fact, it is a serious sporting city with world-renowned sports teams. Plus, it is the homeland of the internationally famed horse race known as the Grand National at Aintree.

Residential Places in Liverpool, England

Liverpool, England has numerous housing locales, both in and outside the metro. In spite of this, a lot of people had opted to live in the various suburban districts of the city. Aigburth, one of the most affluent and green residential areas of Liverpool, is a mixture of semi-detached and detached houses of the 30’s era.

The Allerton suburb, situated 3 miles southeast of the city center, has quite a number of huge homes in the high-status Calderstones Park area. The houses that surround the shopping section of the district are mostly 1930’s semi-detached properties.

The Childwall district is covered by a wealth of lovely greenery, making it one of the city’s most sought-after residential places. The housing styles are almost exclusively semi-detached or detached, with very few terraces. But, it also features a range of huge residential properties.

Mossley Hill is well known for having some of the most splendid Victorian architecture in the city. The district is mostly residential with only a few business establishments here and there. The place popularized by The Beatles can also be found here. Since then, Penny Lane had become an interesting attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Woolton district is currently a prominent middle class suburban area. The housing styles are predominantly detached. It also got its claim to fame from being associated to The Beatles. According to stories, John Lennon and Paul McCartney had their first ever meeting in Woolton.

Hospitals and Universities of Liverpool, England

When it comes to the topic of education, Liverpool is proud to have a highly esteemed academic institution that bears its name – University of Liverpool. The academe, founded in 1881, has produced a total of eight Nobel Prize winners for the fields of peace, science, and medicine. It is primarily established around a single inner-city campus – situated at the top of Mount Pleasant and Brownlow Hill, and is an approximately five-minute stroll from the city center.

Another Liverpool-based university is the Liverpool John Moores University, or LJMU. It was named after Sir John Moores, a British businessman and philanthropist. Back in 1825, it used to be a small mechanics school. It grew bigger over the centuries by uniting with various colleges and finally became known as the Liverpool Polytechnic. But in 1992, it adopted its new and current name to be at par with United Kingdom’s new breed of academes. It was then organized into six independent faculties that span the fields of Business and Law; Community, Education and Leisure; Arts, Media, and Social Sciences; Science; Technology; Environment; and Health and Applied Social Sciences. Another educational institution located in the city is The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, founded to address some of the problems created by trade, continues today as a post-graduate school affiliated with the University of Liverpool. There is also the Liverpool Community College which specializes in educational training.

Health Facilities

For the city’s medical related necessities, various hospitals and health institutions exist to provide the people with much-needed preventive and remedial assistance. One of Liverpool’s many hospitals is the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. It is a large training hospital found on the opposite side of the old Liverpool Royal Infirmary. At present, it is a member of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust. It is also associated with the University of Liverpool.

Commercial Places in Liverpool, England

The best place to look for commercial places in Liverpool would be in the city center. It is certainly a fantastic location for a shopping spree, and it also features a wide variety of items in an area that is small enough to spot whatever’s on offer in just one day. You will definitely be able to find an eclectic range of shops and designer outlets in the main pedestrian section and the two covered shopping complexes – Clayton Square and Cavern Walks.

The city center of Liverpool, England boasts of a bustling nightlife. As a matter of fact, the number of venue options is quite overwhelming. The Cavern Quarter, near Matthew Street, has a number of great restaurants and pubs you can choose from. The various eating-places also provide clients with an assortment of cuisines like Italian, Greek, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese. Without a doubt, you will find something that will surely suit your palate.

Aigburth, also known as Lark Lane, is the artsy student district in the city. The place is stylish and Bohemian-inspired, and is lined with great restaurants and trendy bars. If you wish to see the famed Grand National, you may do so by visiting Aintree. The racetrack isn’t the only attraction, though. The place also offers a myriad of sports and recreational activities, as well as an enormous retail site near the racecourse.

Service Establishments of Liverpool, England

The city of Liverpool, England is well served by the leading telecommunications companies in the country. As a matter of fact, the area has been established as one of the most connected metropolis in the world. This well-equipped utility industry consists of providers like Scottish Power ManWeb and United Utilities – all of which have the capacity to customize services according to your specific requirements.

The city center is also one of the nine areas all over the country where people can pick up “wi-fi” Internet access. A network of transmitters makes it possible to connect to the World Wide Web using wireless notebook and palm top computers.

For a wide array of service inquiries, you may visit Just type in the name of your city – Liverpool, in this case, and the site will then give you the listings of companies that can take care of your problems in areas like plumbing, electricity, gas, phone, automobile, etc.

Embassies in Liverpool, England

If you wish to travel to other parts of the world, considering that you’ll be using Liverpool as an exit point, then you will need to get in touch with the embassy of the country you intend to visit. Remember that every visa or passport application is essentially different from one nation to another. Therefore, a good set of reliable information is vital to make your preparation as problem-free as possible.

For further inquiries, you may want to click on the following link to get a listing of the foreign consulates and embassies in Liverpool.

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