Financial advice seminars for expats

by Ray Clancy on December 19, 2011

Seminars inform British expats across Europe of ways to build and maximise their wealth

The deVere Group, the world’s largest independent financial advisory, has released dates for 20 free seminars across Europe in the first quarter of 2012, with plans for a further 20 to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

The sessions are aimed at informing British expats of ways to build and maximise their wealth, and to share vital information regarding new laws for UK citizens overseas.

Advice and knowledge is to be offered by independent financial experts in several key destinations in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Belgium.

According to deVere Group director, Mike Coady, the seminars are part of the Group’s global commitment to reaching clients wherever they are in the world.

‘With the worldwide economic situation as it is, it’s more important than ever to get the facts about getting the most from your money,’ he said.

‘Whether you’re in France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, or indeed anywhere, there are many ways that we can assist you in this aim and that’s why our teams are hitting the road across the continent,’ he explained.

‘The world has changed in recent times. Which British expat can afford not to receive essential information about protecting their wealth and having the opportunity of transferring their pensions? And who can ignore the important new residency laws affecting their wealth?’ he added.

The team of experts at the seminars will cover the various options British nationals have when living abroad. One of the main topics at the deVere Group seminars will be Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes, or QROPS, a government approved initiative allowing UK citizens to transfer their pensions overseas.

‘If you’re living abroad and hold a UK based pension scheme, you should seek advice on QROPS. You’ll be able to slash the risks you’re exposed to with the currently volatile global stock markets, take advantage of major tax benefits, and you’ll avoid potential currency risks,’ said Coady.

‘With an average of 60% of the average pension plan invested in shares in turbulent markets, the ongoing saga of many global currencies, the major tax benefits, plus there being no compulsory obligation to buy an annuity, it is perhaps unsurprising that QROPs have been gaining increasing popularity amongst financially aware expats since the economic downturn,’ he added.

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