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by Jose Marc Castro on August 17, 2008

250px-hereford_cathedral200Bradford is a city in the West Yorkshire area of England, which has a population of nearly 300,000 people in addition to about 200,000 living in the surrounding towns and villages. The city is located at the foothills of the Pennines west of Leeds.

Gifted with a long and colorful history, the city bears witness to this illustrious past with scores of historical buildings and sites that are stunning architectural marvels in their own right, even if you do not take into consideration their respective historical significance. Of particular note are the Bradford Cathedral, which dates back to the 13th century, the National Media Museum, and the Cartwright Hall in Lister Park.

Residential Places in Bradford

Real estate prices in Bradford have unfortunately increased considerably over the last few years, much as it has in the rest of the United Kingdom. The good news is that since the cost of property in the city has always been noticeably lower than many other places in the country, it is still much cheaper to buy a house or apartment in Bradford than it is anywhere else.

While you can expect to pay around £134,000 for a house in Yorkshire and Humberside, and around £180,000 in England and Wales, a house in Bradford will only cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of £114,000.

Nevertheless, an average property price increase of more than 82% was registered in the period between October to December of 2000 and October to December 2004, and the rate has climbed steadily in the succeeding years. During that period, the prices of single detached houses in the city rose by almost 100%.

Hospitals and Universities of Bradford

There are many options for medical care in Bradford, with at least two major hospitals, numerous health centers and smaller community hospitals, as well as various other health care establishments all over the city. The two main hospitals are Bradford Royal Infirmary and St Luke’s Hospital.

Bradford Royal Infirmary is a large teaching hospital that is affiliated with the Leeds School of Medicine. Primarily, it is handled by the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS trust.

Some of the most well regarded private health care establishmentsthat you can find in the city are the Yorkshire Clinic, which is located in Shipley, and the Yorkshire Eye Hospital, which can be found in Greengates.

Learning Facilities

Bradford is home to the prestigious University of Bradford, which received its Royal Charter only in 1966, although it has actually been in operation since the 1860s. The university currently has a roster of more than 10,000 students who are enrolled in the school’s various programs, which include medical sciences, pharmacy, optometry, technology and management science, nursing studies, modern languages, and archaeology. It is a technical and technological tertiary level institution which has expanded its learning capacities offered to its students.

The University of Bradford School of Management is also located in Bradford–near Lister Park to be exact–and the school has cultivated a reputation worldwide for its excellence as a business school, having been recognized by no less than the Financial Times and the Economist. The Leeds Metropolitan University is another educational institution found in the city.

Another school that can be found in the city is Bradford College, which was built on the premises of a 19th century technical college. Bradford College currently has a student population of more than 26,000.

Commercial Places in Bradford

There are a great many choices for shopping in Bradford, ranging from modern malls and shopping centers to smaller curio shops and city markets. The two major shopping districts are the Cannon Mills Shopping Village and the Kirkgate Shopping Centre.

The Kirkgate Shopping Centre is a particularly good place to go and here you can find virtually everything that you need for comfort and necessity. With more than 65 shops over three levels, Kirkgate also features a large produce market on the top floor. Some of the better-known retail stores that you can find on the premises are River Island, Ann Summers, and Argos. Parking is never a problem with the shopping center’s 550-space car park, although it is easy enough to get there by public transportation.

The open-air Salts Mill shopping and gallery complex is also worth a visit, with its many stores that offer everything from carpets to bikes, household and kitchen supplies, jewelry, clothing, and so much more. When you get tired of shopping, you can grab a bite to eat in the café or the diner, or you can check out any one of the five galleries, one of which is the famous David Hockney Gallery.

Service Establishments of Bradford

Water supply services in Bradford are provided primarily by Yorkshire Water. In addition to collecting and distributing 1.24 billion liters of potable water each day, the company is also involved in processing one billion liters of wastewater every day so that it can be used again. Yorkshire Water operates more than 700 water and sewage treatment facilities and 120 reservoirs over more than 40,000 miles of pipeline.

You can contact the company at: Yorkshire Water, PO Box 52, Bradford, BD3 7YD. You can also call them at the main contact number, which is 0845 1 24 24 24, through the Text telephone or minicom at 0845 1 24 24 23, and through a 24 hour automated service at 0845 1 24 72 47. You can also fax them at 01274 372 800 or visit their website at, where you can send them an email through an online form or get more information about the company and their services.

The primary provider of gas and electricity services in Bradford is NPower, and you can reach them at PO Box 93, Peterlee, SR8 2XX. You can also call them at different telephone numbers depending on your bill payment method. The numbers can be found on the company’s website at

Embassies in Bradford

Most of the diplomatic offices and embassies of foreign countries in the United Kingdom can be found in London. At present, only Denmark has a consular representative in Bradford. The Honorary Vice Consul is Michael James Thorniley-Walker, and his office can be found at 6-7 Park Place, Leeds LS1 2RU. You can reach the office by telephone at 01132 341220 or fax them at 01132 341573.

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