Bank launches premium service for wealthy expats moving to the UK

by Ray Clancy on July 1, 2015

A leading bank has launched a new expat service designed to meet the needs of people moving to the UK, offering them access to British and international services and products.


The London Expat Service from Lloyds Bank is aimed particularly at high net-worth expats

The London Expat Service from Lloyds Bank is aimed particularly at high net-worth expats, many of whom are investing in property in the London real estate sector. It says it will offer a tailored, face-to-face service to support individuals and families when they arrive to help them settle in.

Clients can access the specialist service, which is available in Lloyds branches at a number of London locations, including Oxford Street, Cheapside and Chelsea. The London Expat Service brings together the Bank’s capabilities across Retail, UK Wealth and International Wealth.

It also offers a dedicated website, online appointment booking and expert introductions across Lloyds Banking Group and third party specialist advisers such as Ernst & Young.

There will be access to a range of day-to-day banking and savings accounts based in the UK and also internationally. In addition, the Service can provide introductions to specialist advisers within Lloyds Banking Group such as Private Banking and Investment Advice Managers in the UK and International Premier Managers for clients’ needs while abroad.

The London Expat Service is expected to attract clients from the Middle East, Japan, Australia, China, Germany, France and Italy.

‘The service brings together key areas of our UK and International business to offer even more choice for clients,’ said Richard Musty, International Private Bank director at Lloyds Bank.

‘We value the relationships we have with our clients and we are keen to make sure they feel as confident as possible when it comes to their finances from the moment they arrive in the UK. By supporting Resident Non-Domiciles we continue to help promote inward investment and talent into the UK,’ he added.

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