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by Jose Marc Castro on August 12, 2008

australiaIMAGE200Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. The recent population count was at around 4.12 million. The city is situated along the continent’s southeast coastal region around Port Jackson. Sydney is also referred as The Harbour City because it is where the famous Sydney Harbour is located. Sydney is one of the major immigrant destinations in the world because of comfortable living conditions and excellent quality of life.

Sydney is also quickly growing in economic power. The main sectors are involved in business, commerce, industry, tourism and health. The scenic landscapes and rich natural resources of the place have made it a favorite among tourists and immigrants alike. Sydney may be the most expensive city in the country but the average household income per capita is more than enough to support residents. Sydney has been the host of several major events and is known for many other landmarks and cultures. It has been classified as a “Beta” global city. Sydney’s other names include “the Harbour city”, “the City of Villages” and “the Emerald City”.

Residential Places in Sydney

Sydney is one of the best places to live in since residential areas are full of facilities and spots perfect to retire or raise a family. The Inner West is situated near Sydney’s business district. There are several suburban neighborhoods located from Port Jackson to Cooks River. The Parramatta Road and River are found in this area. Glebe and Newtown are famous for terrace houses which have been in existence for over a hundred years. There are also a number of schools and churches located nearby.

Paddington is a suburban place running down a slope near Centennial Park. Oxford Street is found in the area and it has a number of peaceful parks and woody spots perfect for the whole family. The Ponds is another suburb located in the northwestern part of Sydney. Recently, there have been commercial centers budding. The Ponds got its name from the creek called Second Ponds. Several neighborhoods surround the place such as Schofields, Rouse Hill and Kellyville Ridge which are also great residential spots.

Different posts recommended particular areas ideal to take up residence in. The posts are as follows:

At the Australia Expat Forum last September 30, 2009:

For 30 mins and to CBD (the city center) you should be looking at the Eastern Suburbs (Beaches) or the Inner West (Hipper and alternative, students).

Another post was made in the Australia Expat Forum last September 24, 2009:

Northern Beaches is nice, but more pricey than the Hills District. The Hills District is ‘middle class’, leafy, safe, excellent schools, low crime, affordable (but BIG) houses…there’s no trains, but are buses to North Shore, City, Parramatta etc. It’s a brilliant place to raise the kids – plenty to do for them, bowls, cinemas, shops, paintballing, etc, etc but can be a tad dull for the adults depending on what you like to do. Mostly eating out, bbq’s, golf, etc, etc around here. There’s also a group called Newcomers based here which is specifically for …well, ‘newcomers’ to the area which put on regular social activities etc.

Hospitals and Universities of Sydney

The University of Sydney is the country’s oldest university. It is highly regarded for its excellent research work as well as high standard curriculums. Almost 46,000 students attend the university with 2,300 full-time staff. The University of Sydney garnered a spot among the top 40 in the world which includes a 5th best in Arts and Humanities and 20th for biomedicine.

The University of Western Sydney or UWS is also one of the largest in the city with 35,000 students 2,500 full-time staff. There are several campuses offering a wide array of courses. The manner of teaching in UWS made it one of the topnotch schools in Australia. Other notable universities are the University of Technology and Macquarie University. There are a total of six universities in Sydney.

The Sydney Hospital is the oldest in the country and has been in existence for over two hundred years. The institution is famous for its expertise in hand surgery and ophthalmology. Although there are only over 100 inpatient beds in the hospital, it is very well-known for quality care and experienced doctors.

There are church-affiliated hospitals as well like St. Vincent’s Public Hospital which is governed by a Catholic institution. It is associated with Sydney Hospital. Sydney Adventist Hospital is part of community service rendered by Seventh-Day Adventist Church offering quality care with a non-profit policy. The hospital is licensed by the New South Wales Department of Health and is the biggest single campus private hospital in the area.

Commercial Places in Sydney

There are virtually hundreds of nice places to dine in Sydney. Arthur’s is a pizzeria located in Paddington which features excellent wine. The place also has a relaxing ambiance and excellent service. Artisan Focacceria is in Darlinghurst serves Italian food. People usually come to have breakfast and lunch in the place. Barzura Café is in Coogee providing customers with great view, tasty seafood dishes and other unique recipes. In Surry Hills there is a spot owned by celebrity chef Kylie Kwong serving delicious Australian food and wine.

As for shopping malls, the Harbourside at Darling Harbour has recently been improved with a majestic view of the coast. There is an array of restaurants, clothing stores and trinket shops in the area. Window shopping in Harbourside is amusing enough since it features a lot of well-presented items and amazing decorations. Pitt Street Mall is in the Central Business District which has a barrage of stores. Pitt Street is the main street to shop in Sydney and there are virtually thousands of people flocking there everyday. Other malls are also located in the area such as Imperial Arcade, Glasshouse and Skygarden.

Service Establishments of Sydney

Sholl Communications is one of the major telecommunications companies in Australia offering internet, data, telephone and cellular phone services. Installation of cables, networks, satellites and electrical connections are just some of the services provided by Sholl. Sydney Internet is another big company offering fast internet access throughout Sydney.

Delta Electricity is a major power company in Sydney with powerful stations located for top-of-the-line service and connection. Transportation services in Sydney, Australia are one of the most modern in the world. There are excellent transport modes such as the Monorail, Light Rail, ferries, buses and taxis. The major water company and waste disposal system also works very well and caters to the needs of residents constantly.

Embassies in Sydney

There are several embassies located in Sydney such as the Indian, Russian and British embassies. The British Embassy is currently making extra efforts to call in more UK expatriates since Sydney needs more help in several aspects of tourism, business and industry.

The Consulate-General will be more than willing to work with the Australian government in order to successfully make migration or visitation easier for willing individuals. Embassies in Sydney are open several days a week with exceptions on holidays and weekends. There are also agencies which can make transfer and documentation faster and easier.

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