Liverpool City Guide

by Jose Marc Castro on August 12, 2007

The City of Liverpool is one local government area on Southwest Sydney, in the state of New South Wales in Australia.

Liverpool is one of Australia’s oldest urban settlements. The city was founded as an agricultural centre by then governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1810. He named it after then Secretary of State for the Colonies Robert Banks Jenkinson, Earl of Liverpool.

This place is flowing with rich history, unique culture, and unperturbed way of life. Furthermore, this tourist destination has two great Cathedrals, talented musicians, great sporting heroes, and world class artists. The city has reputable universities, producing the best football players in the country.

Residential Places in Liverpool, New South Wales

Liverpool, being a fast rising city, accommodates hundreds and thousands of expatriates every year, coming from Asia, the UK, and some other western countries. In turn, Liverpool provides residential places that vary according to varied factors.

Expatriates here opt to stay in exclusive villages because these places are very conducive to living. Nice environment, friendly neighbours, and safe for the kids, you name it, and villages from Liverpool can certainly provide you a home at your most ideal location.

Aside from homes, apartments and condominiums are also possible options. These properties make up some of the buildings in Liverpool. These types of residential places are suitable for working people, as they are just near the business district of Liverpool. Living in exclusive subdivisions, or just in condominiums and apartments, finding the most suitable residential places in Liverpool is never a problem at all.

Hospitals and Universities in Liverpool, New South Wales

Liverpool Hospital

Operating since the late 1700’s, the Liverpool Hospital was originally a hospital for convicts and soldiers. In 1989, this became a school of the University of New South Wales, attending to the needs of the growing number of residents in South West Sydney.

The University of the New South Wales

This is Australia’s leading teaching and research universities, found in New South Wales, Australia. This university takes pride of its broad range and high standards of teaching programs. Their teaching practically earns its strength and its currency from their research activities mixed with international nature with a strong global and regional engagement. The university takes pride in developing better ideas while at the same time promoting lasting knowledge to their outstanding students, as well as their scholars from all around the world.

South Western Sydney Institute

This is another Liverpool school that provides accredited vocational education and training. They provide their students with trainings in colleges, in universities and some other workplaces all around the world.

Hospitals in the New South Wales are also noted for their top of the line medical facilities. Most of their hospitals are already equipped with the latest in medicine. Their medical professionals are also masters on their chosen fields.

Commercial Places in Liverpool, New South Wales

Darling Harbour New South Wales Restaurants and Bars

These are perfect for a romantic dinner or just a casual location for get-togethers. Zaaffran, situated in the Darling Harbour, offers the most stunning views of the harbour and the views from the city skyline. This restaurant has been widely acclaimed for its very unique and authentic menus that come from different parts of India. For five years, this restaurant has ultimately proven how great Indian Cuisines are. If you are looking for an Australian restaurant with an Italian twist, the Vieri Restaurant and bar is the answer. This restaurant, set on a Sydney Harbourside, provides Italian wines and Italian cuisines

Glebe, New South Wales Restaurants and Bars

One of the most popular bars in this area is the Mixing Pot Restaurant. This restaurant offers an extensive menu of sumptuous Italian meals. They have wide selections of chicken dishes and sea food. Also available are different types of wines.

Aside from fine dining restaurants in Liverpool, New South Wales, expatriates and visitors can also try shopping. This city has malls where you can find Australian products that will serve as gives and souvenirs. Furthermore, Australian Gifts, a famous company that deals with crystal glasses designs, also make great for souvenirs. Rozelle Markets is another option to shop. This is a one-hundred-stall a day market situated right on the grounds of Rozelle School. Souvenir items are sold here at really great prices.

Service Establishments in Liverpool, New South Wales

Primus Telecom

This is the telecommunication company that covers central New South Wales, including Liverpool City. Aside from being a telecommunication provider, the company also provides its clients with broadband Internet connections, green broadband, Dial up internet, lingo (Broadband Telephone), and some other additional internet services. The company has areas of coverage in Canberra, Darwin, Northern New South Wales, Sydney, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Police Stations

As for the safety in Liverpool, New South Wales, police stations are present in different parts of this city.

Embassies in Liverpool, New South Wales

Embassies are very important in every country. In New South Wales, there are actually no embassies present at its exact place, but there are some just near the area. These embassies include Peru Embassy, Thai Embassy, South America Embassy, Italian Embassy, and some other western country embassies.

You can also find the Consulate General of Slovenia in Camperdown, New South Wales, the Consulate General of Estonia in Birchgove, New South Wales, Consulate General of Cuba in Surry Hills, New South Wales, and the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in Kent Street, Sydney, New South Wales.

The Consulate General of France has an office in Sydney, New South Wales, the Brazilian Consulate General in Market Street, Sydney, the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, the Papua New Guinea Consulate in Sydney, the Consulate General of Madagascar, of Honduras, Ghana, Portugal, and a whole lot more. In general, most embassies in New South Wales are found in Sydney, which is just a few miles away from Liverpool City.

Before relocating in Liverpool, New South Wales, keep in mind that there are some important things that you have to know that somehow, helps you adjust to your new home.

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