Is moving abroad hard work but ultimately rewarding for you?

by Ray Clancy on December 4, 2012

Is moving abroad hard work but ultimately rewarding for you?

Families moving abroad should have plenty of savings to get through the first few months and be prepared to deal with a lot of red tape. However, the rewards can be tremendous, according to those who have made the move, including a healthier and happier lifestyle.

One such family is the Johnsons, who moved from the UK to Adelaide, Robert, a journalist, and Nichola, a nurse, found that shift patterns meant they had little time to spend with their daughters aged eight and three together as a family.  They decided to move from the Lake District to the other side of the world in search of a better lifestyle and are now living in a four bedroom property in the Adelaide suburb of Moana.

‘We looked at Adelaide with its combination of stunning beaches, beautiful countryside and the fact it wasn’t too big and knew the capital of the South should be our new home. We just loved the close community feel, which was present back in the UK however there wasn’t that outdoor lifestyle as it rains most of the year,’ explained Robert.

He explained that long working hours, many of them shifts, meant that the couple had been like ships passing in the night so they made the once in a lifetime decision to seek a better way of life. ‘It’s just a healthier way of life here. The girls have the opportunity to grow up experiencing the outdoor lifestyle and run around like children should be able to, not holed up in the house watching TV,’ said Robert.

Camping trips, half marathons through vineyards and swimming classes in the sea have become the norm and the family are quickly making a new and exciting start in what they describe as a beautiful and friendly city. However, Robert said that moving your family to another country should not be taken lightly. ‘It is not a walk in the park. You have to put a lot of effort in to making new friends and finding a new job,’ he pointed out.

Quote from : “hi everyone,i have just returned from brisbane where i had a great time.anyway what i would really like to ask is i have family in brisbane. with my grampa being 80 i was thinking would i be able to go over there and be a care worker for him.would this be possible?.i also have 2 step cousins and a step aunty.i am 35 and i am a printer to trade but i have noticed that printer isnt on the skilled workers list anymore.would really like to spend time with my grampa as my dad died years ago and my gran and he is the only 1 left on my dads side of the family.any help would be much appreciated. “

He also believes that potential migrants should research the job market thoroughly first – ‘The format Australian employers expect to see a CV differs from the UK, so do your homework to ensure the best chance possible, and if you know the job role you wish to apply for start the application process before you leave,’ he said.

‘Be realistic and prepared for knock backs. Someone once told me it’s not what you know, but who you know and this can be true of Adelaide too. So put yourself out there, sell yourself, and work hard at landing your dream job,’ he added.

Rob also advises families considering the move to make sure they have plenty of savings to finance the first six months in setting up their new life.

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