Expat chef shares tale of moving across the globe for love

by Ray Clancy on October 6, 2014

Love is often the reason many people end up living and working abroad. For expat Spanish chef Miguel Maestre, it was the reason he ended up in Australia.

The television personality and star of Channel 10’s The Living Room struck up a romance with Australia after sparks flew at an Edinburgh restaurant with an Australian waitress who is now his wife, Sascha.


Spanish chef Miguel Maestre met his Australian wife while working abroad in Scotland

‘What brought me to Australia was love. In life, I’ll do anything for love and I believe when you make big moves from your heart you will always succeed,’ he explained.

Singling out a favourite thing about his adopted home land, however, is not so easy to identify. ‘What I love most about Australia is probably one of the hardest questions to answer in the world. I love the people, I love how I arrived in this country and hardly spoke English and now we created a whole life in Australia as our home,’ Miguel said.

‘We built our family on the basis of Australian principles, and I love the beach. I love to go fishing, I love the seafood, I love barbeques on Sundays, I love how everybody so different could fill up an island as big as Australia and make it so special, so different to everywhere around the world. Our life in Australia is unique, so we’re really lucky to be here,’ he added.

Miguel’s other passion is, of course, cooking, and he has made his mark on the culinary landscape in Sydney. ‘I believe we’re really lucky in Australia how we get all these people from overseas and everybody brings something from where they come from and it’s like having a little seed from a plant and you come in here and you plant it,’ he pointed out.

He has now become an Australian citizen. ‘I had to hide a little tear when I was singing the anthem and doing my pledge. One of the main reasons I decided to become a citizen is because my daughter is Australian so I wanted to be Australian like my daughter and my wife and I want us to be an Australian family,’ he said.

‘I never felt like I was less or more than anyone else and that’s a great thing about Australia. I believe when you are a citizen, it’s just that little last step. Everything just clicks and you’re so proud and happy to just be a part of what is our amazing, beautiful country Australia. So just go for it,’ he added.

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