Australia set to see more expats arrive in the coming years but plans to clampdown on undesirables

by Ray Clancy on February 25, 2010

An Australian Government report has projected Australia’s population will grow by more than half to 36 million by the middle of this century, mainly due to immigration.

The country anticipates adding an additional 14 million people by using a strong Australian immigration programme to attract skilled workers, as well as the natural increase in population through births.

The report, released by the government, aims to help plan for the future challenges of an aging population, namely the escalating health costs and urban development issues.

Treasurer Wayne Swan said that while a population of 36 million was not a target similar population growth could help pay for upcoming generations of retirees and keep the Australian economy strong.

The number of Australians over the retirement age of 65 is expected to double by 2050, and the GDP is expected to slow to an annual average of 2.7% from the average of 3.3 % over the last 40 years. Australia has traditionally had a strong migration program encouraging new migrants to settle in the country. But the Australian government also plans to tighten visa requirements for visitors from 10 countries it considers as high risk.

The new visa rules will include mandatory finger printing and facial imaging, as part of a $62 million boost to the country’s security, unveiled in a new white paper in Canberra this week.

‘Terrorism continues to pose a serious threat and a serious challenge to Australia’s security interests and that threat is not diminishing,’ Kevin Rudd, the Australian prime minister, said.  He also noted that his country was also concerned about militancy at home.

Under the new measures, immigration officials will begin collecting the fingerprints and facial images this year and cross check them with immigration and law enforcement databases in Australia and overseas. It will include information sharing with the UK and the US.

The 10 countries subject to the new visa requirements were not named, except for references to Yemen, Somalia and the surrounding regions as a growing security concern. ‘We’re not identifying those countries until the roll-out occurs,’ said Stephen Smith, the Australian foreign minister.

‘There may be a diplomatic effort required in regards to some of those countries, as you would expect,’ he added.

The US has strengthened its own airport checks for citizens from Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen, enforcing strict pat-down searches and baggage checks.

The US checks also apply to citizens from countries that Washington blames for lending support to armed groups, including Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan.

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Tony March 2, 2010 at 11:38 am

“‘Terrorism continues to pose a serious threat and a serious challenge to Australia’s security interests and that threat is not diminishing,’ Kevin Rudd, the Australian prime minister, said.” Kevin Rudd and Gillard adulate the terroism of Israel and its satellite, USA. And whose fault would that be if it were true?..and how many more millions will these so called “goodies” murder before they give up?

Kevin doesn’t represent many Australians, he represents his own ideology. The countries he has betrayed Australian decency by being their satellite and “yes man” are creating, and deliberately so for political purpose the hatred of us all by unwarranted invasions and atrocities.

Naturally people react and fight those psychotic genocidal administrations of the New World Order, …and so would I if these American or Israei terrorists tried it on over here. It’s completely natural for these raped and ravaged countries to fight the aggressors and the reason the Talban is accepted is because it is consistent and philosophically fair. USA and Israel have brutal “justice” regimes which are deeply suspect yet they point the finger at others.

USA, acting for Israel is responsible for some 2 milllion deaths of innocent Iraqis since 1981. Rudd and Gillard who supported the Gaza invasion in their ill-educated,if not brainless mantra chanting of exactly as Israel’s prpaganda experts dictated it, do not represent Australians but some alien concept.

As for wanting 14million more people ..he’s snapped his carrot..but Kevin is very big on being loved. This country has inadequate infrastructure and housing for 14 million more…which will be rich asians as a general rule.The North shore of Sydney for one is “spot the aussie” as is Granville through to Parramatta and numerous other places like Footscray. People have a right to feel comfortable in their country of birth but the asianisation of Australia has turned this place on its head and Government has done very little to aclimatise natural australians to this New World Order globalisation political change. If boat people actually were rich hey;s be castigated but accepted.The country is being sold down the hole to Asia and China, the next bankrupt and a major polluter and social criminal but we’ll sellout cheaply to anyone with money. By “we” I mean Australian governments and public companies. The French own most of the electrical operations jsus as one example but the French are good citizens which is more than can be said of the countries Australian Governments desire.

The world isn’t going to end tomorrow but Australia is a fire sale to anyone with cash…and that’s what politicians are doing to create irreversible “globalisation”. Less pommies, Less Asians, Less Americans, less zionists, more Irish, French and Nordic people is a good selection plus a decent number of torture refugees from America’s torture chambers and some Palestinians….some Brazilians and Argentinians but not 14 milllion…Rudd must be ten slices short of a loaf..and one of his party has been very open about the disaster of such immigation to Australia.

I note that so demonised is Hamas (for reasons never logically explained nor is it explained that Israel created Hamas for its espionage purposes and then lost it by its mongrelism.)that the victim of the Israeli assassination ,one of scores of thousands it has committed all over the world and particularly in the nations which are its allies, hasn’t been given any respect…all they talk about is the passport affair…which it is very likely to have been well known at Asio level. This man’s life was as valuable as yours…an mine yet he is sidelined, trashed and few who condemn him even know of his faults or virtues.They just listen to donkeys braying like Rudd, Obama, Netenyahu, Persky. Not a good sign for our children having these bigotted hypocrites and liars, who are close buddy pals ,running our countries

The Israeli consul ought to be expelled…he’s a blight on Australia and would have been well informed and prepared by Mossad concerning the brutal assassination. For those who don’t know, when you think of Israeli assasinations think of deep espionage and Idi Amin at his worst..that will give you a hint. By the way Israel often videos the assassinations. The best thing Rudd can do is get on fixing the mess he made by knee jerk over the American central bank conspiracy called “the global melt down”.

None of what has happened needed to happen, it ould have been repaired instantly for small cost by comparison in USA. Unfortunately the Bildergbergers and the New World Order are now in the final stages of control, Obama is a plant for them…that’s why he is so useless. He’s just a mouthpiece. Don’t believe me….start studying for yourselves and see just how bad the western world, corrupt enough by WW1 has become since WW11. Voila


Dave March 3, 2010 at 6:01 am

I don’t think you want any poor Palestinians or other poor Muslims in Australia. Middle class Muslims no problem. Many countries have middle class Muslims who are very decent people, who want to have small families, and are a benefit to society. The poor class breed like animals. They perpetuate poverty and dissatisfaction by their inability to regulate their fertility. Where ever they are allowed into the west home grown terrorism will be the result.


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