Scholarship offers financial aid for US students to study abroad

by Ray Clancy on November 1, 2013

American students who dream of studying abroad can access financial help with a scholarship programme offering grants for US citizen undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies or career-oriented internships abroad.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Programme is aimed at undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two year or four year college or university to participate in study and intern abroad programmes worldwide.


Undergraduate students receiving Federal Pell Grant funding could participate in study abroad programmes worldwide

The scholarship was first launched in 2001 and nearly 50,000 applications have been received and over 14,000 scholarships have been awarded to students participating in study abroad programmes and internships around the world.

One student, Hector Santiago, was able to study in Japan and last year and he was recently selected as a 2013 Gilman Alumni Ambassador.  He will graduate in January with a BA in Asian Studies. He was one of over 100 people that applied to be chosen for the programme and one of 26 people awarded the honour.

As a Gilman Scholarship recipient and Alumni, Santiago was also  given an opportunity to become a Gilman Ambassador after completion of his service project, since the Gilman Alumni Ambassadors have been trained by the Gilman Scholarship Programme and know the ins and outs of it.

As a Gilman Ambassador, he will be a representative of the Gilman Scholarship Programme and will be required to give at least two presentations over the course of the semester to promote the programme and will have to complete an online professional development course.

‘The Gilman Alumni Ambassador Program is a way of keeping students who have studied abroad through Gilman involved in international education and recruiting new students to study abroad. I am excited to share my experience with others,’ said Santiago.

‘I encourage every student to study abroad for at least one semester. Independent living is a big deal and many people are not ready to make that jump. Having this experience abroad really prepares you to be on your own, it challenges you to learn how to survive without your family, and can help students gain the confidence they need to succeed,’ he added.

International exchange is intended to better prepare US students to assume significant roles in an increasingly global economy and interdependent world.


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