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by Jose Marc Castro on August 19, 2008

movingtousaIMAGE200The blend of a high-end urban zone with a dash of nature is what brings out the best in New York City; despite the high rise buildings that fill it, nature parks and forest reserves are also existent within the area, thereby, adding life to this bustling metro. New York City is known in history as the gateway for immigration, thus making it a true melting pot to the Americas. The sheer size of the city is evidence enough of the different races that reside in the city; 20% of the New York is foreign born, a mix of Germans, Irish, African Americans, and Italians – all provide the diversity that characterizes the ever changing faces and lifestyle of this society.

Residential Places in New York

New York City is located on a natural harbor on the Atlantic and is divided into five boroughs namely the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. It has become the most densely populated major city in the United States making for a true economic force in the nation.

Due to the concentration of businesses in New York City, you may find that most of the apartments and flats within the metro are rented out. If you prefer a quiet place with scenic views then your option is to look for a residential area outside the city limits. In order to get the prime lot to settle down, it would be best to look for a real estate agent. These people are fully informed when it comes to the best prices, consumer needs and the best locales within New York. But these agents can only do so much since prices of real estate in the city are sky high. Also, these real estate agents don’t come cheap and are quite expensive for visitors and newcomers. If you don’t want to spend much in purchasing real estate, then your best bet would be to rent out an apartment or a condo in the city itself. The apartments range from luxury to basic, though some come fully furnished with living room furniture to kitchen fixtures. Condos in the city are otherwise termed as expensive but quite affordable, compared to the value of getting a prime real estate lot.

Hospitals and Universities of New York

Ranked among one of the best hospitals in the US, the New York Presbyterian combines high tech facilities and expert medical practitioners in their respective fields. The main campus of the hospital is currently located in 622 West 168th Street, New York, NY 10032, with telephone number (212) 305-2500.

The NYP provides basic medical services to walk-in or in-house patients; they also provide surgical services, ranging from head and neck surgery to colon and rectal surgery. They also offer ambulatory care services, emergency care and specialized services. You may visit their website at for a more comprehensive definition of the hospital, as well as the complete list of medical services offered.

Universities in New York

There are more than 100 colleges all around the state of New York, and each has its own specialization in the field of education. One such college is Cornell University. Located in 410 Thurston Ave., Ithaca, NY 14850, the college offers degrees from Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate to First Professional. The Cornell University specializes in the field of research, yet teaching is still one of its major strong points. There are a total of 30,000 enrolled students in the college. The Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY is home to the school of Business, Communications, Human Performance, Health Science, Humanities and Sciences, Music and a division of interdisciplinary and international studies. The school is equipped with high-tech facilities and the 750-acre campus includes residential areas for stay-in students.

Other tertiary level educational institutions in the city are the City University of New York, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Barnard College, Columbia University, Cooper Union, Fordham University, New York University, The New School and Yeshiva University. There are many other privately run universities throughout the city such as St John’s University, the Julliard School among others.

Commercial Places in New York

While in New York City, always make it a point to visit Macy’s in 34th St. A 20-storey building that covers an entire city block and claims to be the biggest store in the world. Macy’s hosts a department store that covers home décor to fashion accessories, and from luggage to expensive jewelry. Aside from the department store, the place also houses a pet shop, a post office, foreign exchange, and even a fish market. The New York Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange in the world by means of the dollar volume, is situated in the city, making the place a great site for businesses related to finance and banking. Even if the city doesn’t look like it, New York is one of the top agriculture producers in the United States. Products in abundant supply for imports and exports include dairy products, apples, cherries, potatoes, cabbage, onion, maple syrup, and other popular exports. This is the reason why you can see a lot of shops as you browse around the city offering these goods.

The diversity of New York cuisine is astounding and this is due in large part to the large immigrant population as well as tourists in the city which have shaped the palate of New York through the years.

Service Establishments of New York

New York State Electricity and Gas (NYSEG) provides electricity to 871,000 customers and natural gas to 256,000 customers all around the state. This amounts to 40% of the total population of New York State. The bustling city of New York is never without its problems; if such incidents do crop up you can always connect to the New York Police Department (NYPD) via their hotline 911 or a non-emergency line 311. You can also connect to the NYPD switchboard if you have complaints or issues with specific departments; just dial (646) 610 5000. Also, the 911 hotline will also connect you to proper authorities like the fire department or the ambulance service.

If you need an Internet connection anywhere within the city of New York then the most popular Internet service provider would be mFire. The company has a 24-hour hotline regarding inquiries on their various services, which you can access by simply dialing 1-866-634-7379 toll free. You can also correspond with them via email through [email protected].

Embassies in New York

As with any other functions of the embassies and consulates, the British Embassy and Consulates in New York aims to help Britons during their stay in the city. They can offer legal assistance in case of arrest or possible sanction from the city’s law; they can provide emergency loan when a return trip to UK is necessary, whether for business or emergency purposes. The British Consulate-General is located in 845 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022; and can be reached through its telephone number (212) 745-0200. They can also accept fax documents via their separate fax number (212) 754 3062. Though the British Embassy is not based in New York, the ambassador frequently travels all over the 50 states to monitor British programs and centers all over US. The British Embassy is currently located in 3100 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington DC, 20008; and can be reached through their telephone number (202) 588 7800.

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