New York and Paris top for British travellers

by Ray Clancy on April 4, 2016

Would be expats often fall in love with a country or location when they go on holiday and it seems that New York and Paris are the top favourites for visitors from the UK.

Travellers from the UK were most likely to jet off to New York, followed by Paris, with Amsterdam, Dublin, Rome, Barcelona, Dubai, Berlin, Las Vegas and Bangkok making up the top 10, new research shows.

But when it comes to people visiting the UK London remains top, followed by Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. The rest of the top 10 is made up of Birmingham, Belfast, Brighton, Aberdeen and Oxford.


The research from also shows that the Spanish island of Mallorca grew in popularity throughout 2015, moving from nineteenth to eleventh place on the list of top destinations.

“It has been a jet-setting year for British travellers with destinations in Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East all in the Top 20. New York was favourite once again, but a number of European destinations proved popular with European capitals continuing to attract travellers,” said spokeswoman Lizann Peppard.

The firm’s research also shows that global hotel prices paid by travellers worldwide rose by just 1% in 2015 and British travellers enjoyed lower prices in over half of the 64 destinations covered by the hotel price index due to the increased strength of the Pound.

Many European hotspots from Russia and Estonia in the North, to Mediterranean favourites such as France, Italy and Spain in the South saw a modest decrease in average prices paid.

Due to the falling Rouble, Moscow in particular saw a significant decrease, which dropped 27% from the previous year. In total, Britons paid less in 42 of the 57 most popular European destinations compared to the previous year.

However, the continued strength of the US Dollar saw price rises in all but one of the popular destinations in the US, while Asia proved to be the continent with the best value for money.

Only New York out of the 13 most popular US destinations saw a marginal decrease in average prices paid, down 2%, while Lake Buena Vista near Orlando, Florida, saw the most significant rise of 21%.

The best value destinations for British travellers were names as Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore. It was predominantly popular destinations throughout Thailand that saw a decrease in rates, including areas such as Pattaya down 15%, Chiang Mai down 6%, Phuket down 16%, Krabi down 5% and Koh Samui down 3%.

The Pound also meant popular Australian destinations became cheaper for British travellers as room rates paid dropped 7% in Sydney and 6% in Melbourne.

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