Premium Subscription

Taking out a Premium Subscription with the site will offer you many additional benefits over your standard membership. The primary benefit is that you will be allowed to advertise and promote your products and services to our community of nearly 200,000 members.

Premium Members are allowed to promote their products and services within the specific country forums, in the designated classifieds sales sections. Other benefits of Premium Member status include:

    • An enhanced forum signature where your company details and link are added to each post made on the site
    • Use of Private Messaging and storage for 1000 private messages as opposed to 50
    • A larger forum avatar size
    • The ability to post links on the forum
    • The ability to post a link to your site in your signature
    • The ability to have an image / banner in your signature
    • A “Premium Member” button
    • The ability to post sales and promotional listings within the country forum’s designated sales area
    • Visibility to millions of monthly users and hundreds of thousands of members


The cost for the Premium Member subscription is only $19 per month and can be cancelled at any time.

TO UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW, please click here. Please note that you will first need to be logged into the forum with your normal, free account before you can upgrade to a premium account. If you are not yet a member of the forum and don’t have a regular account, you first need to register with the here.

More Reasons To Become a Premium Account Holder

Website Traffic Statistics

As of October 2012 our key stats are that we currently get around 1,100,000 visitors each month, which is growing on average by 10% a month. These visitors view nearly five million pages on the site. Each visitor spends an average of 5 minutes on the site per visit. 75% of visitors are new and 25% are returning members.

Member Statistics

You can view our member statistics at the bottom of the Expat Forum homepage. We are getting close to having 200,000 registered members on the site. We have anywhere between 1000 – 2000 people on the site at any one time. The site receives an average of 200 new registrations daily. Members update an average of 2000 discussions on a daily basis.

Access to all of this for only $19. Don’t delay and UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below or contact us directly.