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Why do people move to Portugal?

March 6, 2012 Portugal

It is perhaps a sign of the times that our recent online poll attracted a relatively small number of votes from those living in Portugal, offering reasons why they moved to the country. Historically, Portugal has been a very popular destination for many European expats and indeed the UK expat community has been very active […]

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Living in Portugal

December 2, 2009 Portugal

For many years Portugal has been one of the more prominent expat destinations in Europe and one which continues to attract the attention of many travellers around the world. While not one of the largest economies in the world, Portugal has a population of around 10.7 million with a total land mass of just over […]

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Property Portugal

October 26, 2009 Portugal

Portugal has for many years been one of the more popular expat destinations although historically it has still lagged the likes of Spain which is by far and away the more popular destination for UK expats in particular. However, there is a feeling that the economic situation in Portugal and Spain is changing and Portugal […]

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Portugal or Cyprus?

August 27, 2009 Portugal

While there are many countries which attract significant numbers of expats there is no doubt that Portugal and Cyprus attract more than their fair share of travellers. There is an interesting thread on the expat forum where a discussion regarding the benefits and attractions of Portugal and Cyprus and a comparison between the two has […]

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Teaching English in Portugal

June 2, 2009 Portugal

The majority of threads on the expat forum discuss finance, culture, employment and other traditional aspects which are very high up the list when looking to move overseas but this is a very interesting and deep post regarding Portugal and its grasp of the English language. It has opened up so many different avenues and […]

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Lisbon City Guide

August 19, 2008 Portugal

Lisbon, or Lisboa in Portuguese, is the capital and the largest city of Portugal.  It is located at an Atlantic coastline in the western portion of Portugal where the River Tajo widens as it goes into the Atlantic Ocean.  Lisbon occupies a land area of 84.8 km², making it the smallest capital in Europe.The city had its […]

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Porto City Guide

August 19, 2008 Portugal

Porto, or Oporto, is an industrialized northwestern city in Portugal.  It is the country’s second largest city and sits on the hills on the northern bank of the Douro River.  Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean gives it a much cooler climate than most Mediterranean cities.  Porto summers are typically sunny, with occasional heat waves, while […]

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