New Zealand proving a big attraction for the Chinese

by Ray Clancy on December 27, 2012

New Zealand proving a big attraction for the Chinese

More people from China are visiting New Zealand, overtaking the United Kingdom to become New Zealand’s second biggest source of visitors, the latest data to be published shows. Australians remained the biggest group of visitors, accounting for 45% of all visitors to New Zealand compared with 8% for second placed China, the figures from Statistics New Zealand reveal.

Visitor arrivals from China reached 194,800 in the year to November 2012, up 38% from the previous year, showing that arrivals from China have grown dramatically in the last 20 years, from only 3,300 in 1992. In contrast, visitor numbers from the United Kingdom have been declining for the last five years, with a 17% decrease in the current year bringing the number down to 191,400.

The majority, 71%, of visitors from China are holidaymakers and their median length of stay is 3.5 days, compared with 8.7 days for all visitors. Their median age is 47 years, compared with 40 years for all visitors and around half come from Shanghai, Beijing, or the Guangdong province. The data also shows that in the November 2012 year, New Zealand residents departed on 2.171 million overseas trips, up 4% from the previous year. The biggest increases were in trips to Australia which were up 24,300 and the United States up 17,800 – trips to the United States continue to be helped by a favourable currency exchange rate.

Visitors to New Zealand increased by 1% compared with November 2011 although overseas trips by New Zealand residents were down 1% from November 2011, when numbers were boosted by people delaying travel until after the Rugby World Cup. The country has experienced its highest net gain of migrants since December 2010 with a seasonally adjusted net gain of 600 migrants in November 2012.

Quote from : “My question (finally) is since I work for a Canadian company and my work has nothing to do with any businesses in NZ – I test software built in house – can I simply use a visitors visa for my visits or will they require me to have some sort of work visa to continue to do my job while I’m there?”

The seasonally adjusted net loss to Australia was 2,800 in November 2012, lower than the average net outflow to Australia of 3,300 per month since March 2011. The change was due to more arrivals from, and fewer departures to, Australia. In the November 2012 year, New Zealand had a net loss of 1,600 migrants with the net loss of migrants to Australia standing at 38,800, offset by net gains of migrants from most other countries, led by the United Kingdom at 5,600, China at 5,200, and India at 5,000.

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Tom December 30, 2012 at 4:48 am

I hope that Kiwis are willing to embrace new cultures as it is key to their growth.


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