New app launches in Mexico to make bill payments easy for expats

by Ray Clancy on August 25, 2015

Getting used to the administration system in a new country can be a headache for expats, especially in countries where there is not a huge expat population.

Even simple things like paying bills can be difficult, especially if you are waiting for bank accounts to be set up and you are not yet proficient in the local language.

smartphone-appNow two young Mexican entrepreneurs have developed an app to make life easier for expats and foreigners in Mexico who are used to more efficient processes than exist in the country.

They say that the SimplePay app provides several key services for users including paying utility bills online such as water, gas and electricity. It also works with government agencies.

Expats will not even need to have a bank account as the app works with Paypal. It will also be possible to set up reminders when bills need to be paid with payments made via a simple one click system.

The creators are hopeful that app will help new arrivals in Mexico set up their bills and payments and those who have lived there for a number of years and just want a more efficient way of dealing with their persona admin.

Oscar Herrera, chief executive officer of SimplePay, said that he came up with the idea living for many years in the American expat communities in Puerto Vallarta and Tijuana. ‘It opened eyes to all the inefficiencies in Mexico,’ he explained.

The app also allows users to access and pay for services online such as insurance and real estate titles and offers a call back facility from a bilingual assistant.

‘It is very common for my English speaking neighbours whose Spanish is rusty to ask me for help translating from lawyers, doctors, cleaning ladies and other. So I wanted to develop a simple way for someone to request a call back for translation one demand,’ said Herrera.

He worked on the app with programmer Alejandro Vargas and the duo are now getting reach for the launch in September. The app works with Android, iPhone and the web.


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