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Originally Posted by jmspringbok View Post
What would the approximate cost of living be including housing, food, taxes, fees, insurance, food etc for a family of 3 in the Cape Town area? My husband grew up in Kommetjie. We live in the US right now where I work as a chiropractor. My husband gets a very small pension from the South African Navy. We both love Cape Town and his family is still there. Where would one go to find a job? I suppose most chiropractors set up a practice and go to work. The thought of doing that sort of makes me sick, I have done that 3 or 4 times. There must be something that a chiropractor is qualified to do that isn't necessarily practicing chiropractic.

\i can not understand you would want to go to SA if you can come to AUS. We lived in SA and I would not put my feet there with all the violent crime and living in fear. Anybody that goes there should really think about waht you want out of life. I you want to live in fear of being raped, tortured, murdered, kids in horrible schools then go right ahead. Personally OZ was the best move we ever made. I almost want to think that if all the people in the world knew what was going on there not one of you would move there, or at least that is what I hope. Because I cannot believe that someone would move there if they did know.
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