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Default Stay in a Country for more than 12 Months

My question is related to Question 43 of Form 1276. My wife is a secondary applicant. we got married in 2005 and before that she used to travel to KSA as her Parents live there. she had stayed in KSA for about 11 months in total in period from 2002 to 2005. some time 2 months, some time 4 months, etc. she was resident of India in that period.

after marriage, she came to Qatar. we both used to travel to KSA, some times for a week or 2. in 2010 after birth of our first child she went to KSA for about 3 months on visit visa to stay with her Parents. this way, her total stay is more than 12 months in KSA.

my question is, do I have to show her stay in KSA as permanant and fill the details accordingly, like each visit to be mentioned? or I can show her travel to KSA in Form 80 in countries visited section?

As per the website its mentioned as follows for applicants outside oz.

Meeting the character requirement for temporary and permanent migration

For the Australian Government to determine whether you are of good character, you may be asked to provide police certificates for each country you have lived in for 12 months or more over the last ten (10) years since turning 16.

If you are applying outside Australia, you do not have to provide this information when you apply. You will be advised when it is required.

If you are applying in Australia, you should provide this information with your application.

Does the above means that I dont need to fill the details in Question 43 of form 1276? They may ask for PCC if CO thinks that it is required?

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