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Originally Posted by expatagogo View Post
What are you feeding her?

Can I suggest boiled hamburger ("minced beef") and rice, together. It's nice and bland but full of protein and starch, which will help her. Just for a couple of days, though. And make sure to cool it well before feeding it to her.

Poor baby, and poor you.

Do you have a bankie to wrap her up in and cuddle?
Thanks for the food tip, but I think this would be a bit much for her, she's in very sad state. The vet told me baby food and yogurt with honey all mixed together. She can't seem to keep this down though. I've been giving here scalene and glucose with a syringe. She's got meds for deworming, and to help her not to throwing up.

As far as the blankie goes...Sami's old shirts are being recycled for doggie blankets as the wash loads are in constant motion. Again, YUCK!
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