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Default Am I an Illegal Autonomo?

Hi all, this is an incredibly silly situation I am in and unfortunately I know I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. I am legal in Spain *as far as I have a NIE *which did expire 2 years ago, and a Spanish passport. HOWEVER, I started as autonomo in March 2011. Now it is nearly March 2012, and I think I have not paid my "taxes" or done the incorrect invoicing.

The whole process seemed complicated. I don't speak Spanish well, and I wasn't sure how to file taxes etc.

I went to whatever office it is to declare myself as an autonomo (got the modelo 36), but I didn't follow the correct steps. I was supposed to go to some sort of tax office afterwards but never did that. For the last year I have been invoicing my companies, and declaring a 7 % deduction off of each invoice, but handing nothing into the government.

I work for a total of 3 companies, earning about 2700 euros per month (provided it isn't a month with too many holidays). I want to do this properly.

I want to go to the autonomo office and just make up an excuse like "I stepped out of the country for the last 11 months and didn't know anything about Baja y alta of an autonomo. Now I want to work and go to the proper office to do my paperwork each month." I'm afraid they will tell me "you owe X amount of money per month for not going on baja for the months you were away."

I'm really screwed right now, but I need to get this in order. Any advice???
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