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I am a NewBie to this forum and first to any forums

Background for starting this thread for discussion :

-> I am an Arts graduate (BA)
-> I have not done any PG.
-> I have 10+ yrs of work experience with IT industry, out of which have been working as Business Analyst from for 8+ yrs now..
-> I am 30+ yrs now ( not an interesting thing to admit on any forums )

Here is what I wanted to discuss on this forum and get some help from any senior expats and members going thru same process

Sept 2011 : I sent all the docs to ACS for skill assessment for ICT BA (code 261111), except refrence letter from my current employer... as its difficult to explain this to ur mgr and expect them to help u , but thought current payslips and offer letter from current company will help ...

Dec 11 : accessed as unsuitable as only previous experience was considered which is 4+ yrs and current exp was not taken into consideration due to lack of referrence letter...

Dec 11 : I managed to get current employer ref letter after lot of and my current mngr... sent docs for review again (before 60 days of period)

Jan 12 : ACS Case officer (C\O) has adivsed me to go for RPL (recognition of prior learning as my academic is not computer related).

Feb 12 :Sent for 2-4 RPL, as advised by my C\O, along with the differential amount... now waiting and for positive results..

Please let me know if I have company in the same boat, need all the help ...

Thanks !
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