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Hi all

Thank you for the information. I think we will travel to italy and then get the ferry Salerno to Limassol. We would like to drive to Greece and go from there, but no companies are allowing car and passengers at the moment. If it wasn't a classic and just a 'normal' car we wouldn't be too bothered and prob just ship it and it's own.

I've been in touch with the ferry company and will share prices (just so others have an idea of cost etc) this is for travelling in october this year.

Salerno to Limassol
2 people
October 2011
1 car (approx 4500/1725/1420 Length/width/height)

One way only.
Cabin inside with bunks: € 365 per person
Cabin inside with low beds: € 465 per person
Outside cabin: € 572 per person
Owners' suite: € 729 per person
Car: € 368

Would be interesting to know what company that run the ferry from Salerno to Limassol.

About Salamis Lines From Lavrio to Limassol they dont disallow passengers but they are reserve the 5 cabins they have for the Lorry drivers. We also have to fly.

About your veteran car I am sure that its much more danger to drive it on the roads in Cyprus then to let Salamis transport it. They are VERY used to all kinds of cars

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