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Perhaps my bad. Ok, in a big nutshell..

Because of the new immigration laws and their new Permanent Resident status the truck cannot be on the streets in Mexico anymore. Their US plates, registration and insurance is now void. Originally, as they have been in Mexico for so many years, they thought they could grandfather the vehicle but the government changed their minds and all bets were off permanent resident status law = nationalization of foreign vehicle mandatory, and all the hassle that entails ..or simply get rid of it.

So, because their truck is an '08 and because of its age is not legal to nationalize until Nov. 1 this year.

Their 'delay' story is that the Mexican government had a bit of a scandal and found a vehicle in Sinaloa that was 'accidentally nationalized" before it's legal date. Some heads rolled and so they stopped all processing until everyone was on the same page. Now it's up and running again but with a horrendous backlog of applications.

Appointments are now necessary for the Returno Seguro permit and background checks mandatory a fee of 3000 pesos for that honour.

Hence, the delay in getting their times to head up to the US border to complete the process. Anyway, there are more details and will let those more knowledgeable forum subscribers elaborate further

Suffice to say, sadly what a mess for all those new permanent residents who planned on taking their 2008 car down to the border to be nationalized but can't because of the backlog. And yes, my bro has a broker working on the plan. He said it will be at least the latter part of December or into January next year for the process to catch up.

Their (other) Mexican-registered 1999 car is State insured (not "city" like I thought) but it is not highway worthy -- the folks don't trust the mechanics.

As for tranpo from the airport to Mazatlan ..seems there are shuttles, but which one that's reasonable (like $8) I can't seem to find out online. Anyone here with some info on it would be helpful -- thanks.

Getting back to the airport may be a different situation from what I gather ..the taxis have that market cornered and it seems there can be a bit of an argument as to the final cost of transpo from the city. Meh, we'd really hate to miss our flight home due to some "misunderstanding"

Car rentals: need to get more info on 'best value' agencies to look at for short term rentals ..perhaps for a few days here and there. Our provincial insurance (ICBC) does not extend their policies to Mexico. My CC covers damage but not 3rd party liability. Do Mexican agencies even accept that means of cc insurance? Do any of them include 3rd party liability as part of their basic rental? A concern I have too are of any agency markings on the rental and that being a target for the highwaymen and other thieves..