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by mfefadmin on September 7, 2008

As the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once said ‘Education, education, education’ is vital for all children of today and even more so in the lives of those who move overseas. This thread picks up the subject of education for those moving to the United Arab Emirates and has a lot to offer for families thinking of moving to the area.

While the thread initially starts off with a list of British schools in the region it very quickly moves on to take in schools of all nationalities as well as nursery establishments. However, perhaps more importantly there are a number of people on hand who have been through the often difficult process of choosing the correct school for your child or nursery for a really young child. You can get all of the paperwork correct to enter and move to the country but you also need to ensure that life is as normal as possible for the children and while taking in some of the local culture they need to be in a school where they feel comfortable and the standards are high.

One problem which some posters have commented upon is the cost of schools and nurseries in the UAE and the need to balance the standards available with what you can actually afford. There is also the opportunity of asking your employer to contribute to the cost as many are desperate to keep their employees happy and build up a long term presence in the area.


When you have decided to move to another country to start a new life it can be very easy to take elements such as education for granted and just assume that you will be able to sort something when you get there. If only this were true!

As a number of posters on this thread point out it can be very difficult to get on the list of a good school or nursery, never mind actually getting your child into the establishment. To be successful and to get the best for your family you need to be aware of which schools are accessible to you and plan ahead, entering your name on the list as soon as you know your application to emigrate has been accepted. Leaving it too late could see you forced to choose schools you may not have chosen otherwise, or worse, you may not be able to find a school in the area!

The list of all language schools in the region is vital to those looking for a good school and the indication of prices for one nursery gives a useful pointer to those looking at this field. This seems to be one of those threads which will grow and grow with at least one vocal member of the forum not around at the moment but likely to assist on their return.

As with any school sites in the UK or other areas of the world it is easy to look at their site and be impressed, but feedback from those on the ground is worth ten times a random testimony on a school website. You cannot afford to get this wrong as it will affect the future education of your child one way or another.

Read more abour Schools in Dubai and the UAE.

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Shanita May 4, 2009 at 7:40 pm

Beginning March 8th, 2009 Dubai students from Kindergarten to college now have access to the supplemental education and tutoring services offered by Sylvan Learning, the world’s foremost provider of supplemental education.

Sylvan Learning is operated in Dubai by Sylvan Learning Center, FZ LLC which is owned by Sylvan Gulf. The Sylvan Gulf group is comprised of educators and business professionals committed to bringing quality education to the Gulf region. Sheikha Amal Khalifa Al Thani, the chairperson of Sylvan Gulf, explained, “Sylvan is a proven system and we would like to make this unique system of education available throughout the Gulf. The decision to open a Sylvan Learning Center in Dubai is part of our overall plan for bringing quality education to the Gulf.”

Sylvan Gulf opened a Sylvan Learning Center in Doha, Qatar in January, 2007 and has recently opened another Sylvan Center in Doha in Al Ieman Independent Girls’ School. In November 2008, Sylvan Gulf signed a joint venture agreement with the Kuwaiti.Sama Educational Group to open a Sylvan Learning Center in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti Sylvan Learning Center is due to open in June of 2009.

With 30 years experience in the field of education and over 1,200 centers in North America, Sylvan Learning has helped over 1 million students enjoy academic success and increased confidence. In North America, Sylvan Learning is synonymous with excellence in education. Sylvan Learning Center will be bringing this same formula for success to the students of Dubai. Initially, the students take Sylvan’s comprehensive skills assessment, an assessment developed by Sylvan in conjunction with John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. The results of the assessment are used to write an individual program for each student that addresses any missing skill gaps that have been identified by the assessment. In this way the student’s individual program can help them catch up on missing skills or master enrichment skills that will take the student to an advanced level.

At the Dubai Sylvan Learning Center, certified instructors, trained in teaching students how to master skills, provide individual instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, SAT Prep and ACT Prep, as well as College prep courses.

“The demand for quality, supplemental education services is very high in Dubai. I am confident that with our experience in education, our systematic approach to learning and our method of making sure students to master skills, we will bring success and confidence to the students in Dubai ”, said Jeffrey Smith, the center’s director. Prior to his arrival in Dubai, Jeffrey served Sylvan students and families for over 6 years in the United States.


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