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by Mark Benson on October 2, 2009

What price Sky TV in Cyprus?

What price Sky TV in Cyprus?

There are literally so many different things to consider when moving overseas that it is not possible to cover everything in one go. There will be certain services and certain items possibly not available in your new homeland which may have a short-term impact upon your hopes and standard of living in the country in question. Even though TV stations will be some way down the list of your considerations when looking to move overseas, many people like to keep in touch with their former homeland and indeed many of us have our favourite television programmes.

There is a very detailed post in the Cyprus Forum entitled “TV in Cyprus” which gives a very interesting and informative view of TV in Cyprus. So what can you expect?

TV in the UK

There is no doubt that the TV market in the UK is more developed than the vast majority of countries around the world and while English is one of the most popular languages across the globe do not just assume that your UK TV channels will be available overseas. While we have the terrestrial TV channels in the UK, companies such as sky TV and virgin TV also play a major part in many homes up and down the country. However, while these particular TV services are provided by satellite and in theory available around the world, where do you stand regarding your British TV output in Cyprus?

TV licence in Cyprus

Despite the fact that each and every person who owns a TV in the UK will pay a licence fee to the BBC, there is no such requirement to hold a TV licence in Cyprus. When you consider the cost of a TV licence in the UK this can be very useful saving upon starting your new life, but not everything is free!

Sky TV in Cyprus

While there is no doubt that the nonexistence of a TV licence fee in Cyprus is a plus point for many people, if you go down the official channels for sky TV it will cost you around £1000 to setup with ongoing monthly costs to consider as well. However it would appear that there are many ways to reduce the cost of your sky TV in Cyprus such as:-

Sharing satellite dishes

There is much comment regarding the size of satellite dishes required to catch sky TV in Cyprus ranging from 2 m in diameter to over 4 m in diameter. When you also consider the cost of receiving sky TV in Cyprus, more and more people are grouping together in neighbourhoods and using one satellite dish to provide TV services to more than one home. Whether this is officially legal is open to debate but nonetheless it seems that more and more people are looking down this particular route.

Sky TV reception in Cyprus

There is an impression from the thread that the quality of the picture you can expect from your satellite dish will both depend upon the size of the satellite dish in question and also whereabouts on the island you are located. There are also other implications such as the weather in the region which will impact upon the quality of the signal received and quality of your viewing. It is worth remembering that some areas of the UK can be adversely affected by weather conditions at certain times of the year so a reduction in signal strength is not necessarily something new to consider.

Taking your original sky set-top box to Cyprus

Even though officially you cannot receive sky TV pictures overseas using a subscription with is based at a UK address, it seems that more and more people are willing to take this chance to avoid what many see as “excessive” charges when setting up sky TV in Cyprus. While for some people this may prove very beneficial and save a significant amount of money in the short, medium and possibly longer term, there will be consequences to pay if Sky ever found out that you were receiving their TV channels overseas via a UK subscription.

A number of people have suggested using a friend’s address to subscribe to sky in the UK and then using equipment in Cyprus to tune in using the UK-based subscription details. It is worth remembering that if sky was to find out about this particular set up it is highly likely that the UK address in question would be blacklisted and banned from receiving any future sky TV services in the UK.


It would appear that Freeview is available in Cyprus as well as a number of local satellite TV stations, many of which will carry UK speaking channels and UK based programs. The problem for many people is the fact that popular channels such as sport will not be available via these free services and ultimately if you want to subscribe to these particular interest channels then it will be costly.

Your new lifestyle overseas

While it would be wrong to suggest that TV stations and TV programmes would play any major role in your decision to move overseas, it is easy to automatically assume that you will be able to receive English-based TV channels in any country around the world. Those moving to Cyprus may well be forgiven for assuming that because of the country’s close association with the UK, UK TV channels should be fairly easy and fairly cheap to receive. Unfortunately, this is not the case!


The thread in question is very interesting and covers a number of issues such as the licence fee in Cyprus (or more to the point, the nonexistence of a licence fee in Cyprus), sky TV and other English-based TV services. Keeping in touch with your former homeland is something which many people would prefer to do, with the most common medium that of TV. However, that said there is no doubt that once you settle down in your new homeland you will soon get accustomed to local TV channels and TV programmes, many of which will either have English subtitles or be broadcast in English.

The setup for terrestrial TV channels and satellite TV channels is different in every country around the world and is probably something which you should be aware of, rather than a move breaker, before you finalise your plans.

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nick February 9, 2017 at 1:39 pm

If comparing UK & Cyprus for CY Tv the last few years is Free in comparison with the UK wich we pay £145 p/y. In addition we are not allowed to watch BBC either on laptop on phones if we do not pay our Tv licence. Unfair but that’s life.


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