What does Canada have to offer?

by Mark Benson on January 7, 2009

The beautiful wildlife of Canada

Canadian Wildlife

This is a very interesting post regarding Canada and various positive and negative aspects associated with the country, society and employment prospects. The original poster obviously has a very in-depth knowledge of the Canadian way of life and there is a very interesting take on whether certain aspects are positive or negative in the eye of the reader.

The size and location of Canada

This in-depth look at the size and location of Canada gives some very interesting positive angles and some very interesting negative angles on the country. Those who are looking for a quiet way of life may well find certain areas of Canada offer peace and quiet which is impossible in many countries of the world.

However, from a different viewpoint it can be difficult to keep your supplies up to date and such simple tasks as filling your vehicle with gasoline can see you travel great distances. Those who are used to a town or city way of life will need to move into the more populated suburbs where property prices and the general cost of living can be significantly higher.

Canadian weather

This is a rather interesting angle on global warming and the fact that Canada “can benefit from a few extra degrees”. There is also comment about the fact that such large areas of the country are relatively unpopulated and property prices in these areas bear no resemblance whatsoever to those in the inner cities. A rather tongue in cheek suggestion that global warming will increase property demand away from the suburbs is perhaps some way off.

On the negative side it would appear, as many people would suspect, that Canadian weather is cold very much of the year. There are various examples given of subzero temperatures which can impact on general day-to-day movements and activities and while some are tongue in cheek the fact remains that Canada is situated in a very cold part of the world.

Canada and the great outdoors

There is no doubt that Canada offers a landscape and wildlife which few other countries in the world can even contemplate. Lakes, mountains, plains, rivers, glaciers, bears, wolves, cougars and other wildlife are commonplace away from the suburbs and offer a beautiful backdrop for anybody moving to Canada. This has also instigated a number of new winter sports in the region which have proved very popular amongst locals.

Again, a rather tongue in cheek comment about the great outdoors has highlighted the plight of the mosquito which appears to be a serious problem in the “barbecue season”. There are suggestions of smoke bombs and similar “chemical warfare” a required to protect yourself from the massive swarms of mosquitoes and this factor should not be underestimated. There is also a vague suggestion of wildlife venturing into “human territory” and ransacking bins and sometimes coming face-to-face with the local population.


Like so many different countries around the world there are aspects of local life which can be seen as positive or negative depending on your outlook and your willingness to adapt. While some of the posts in this thread are tongue in cheek it does give a balanced view of life in Canada as well as prospects for employment and property prices. It is also interesting to see that many people have a strong bond to their local cities, towns and villages with the likes of Toronto and Vancouver very prominent. Canada offers a significantly diversified society and as much peace and quiet or hustle and bustle as you require!

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sanjay February 6, 2009 at 3:05 am

hi guys, i m planning to move to canada, and want to know about the employment process there. i m a mech. engineer and looking for a job in canada, can someone guide me in this orocess.


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