New global skills strategy to speed up employment of top talent introduced in Canada

by Ray Clancy on June 14, 2017

Skilled, talented people looking to move to work in Canada will find the process faster and more predictable with the introduction of a new global skills strategy announced by the Government.

It means that companies seeking to attract top talent from around the globe will be able to process applications for work permits and temporary resident visas more quickly.


The hope is that a faster processing system will create more middle class jobs in Canada which in turn will boost the country’s economic growth.

The Global Skills Strategy will mean that highly skilled workers coming to Canada on a temporary basis will be able to benefit from two week processing of applications for work permits and, when necessary, temporary resident visas.

Open work permits for spouses and study permits for dependants will also be processed in two weeks when applicable.

Employers can now use Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) new dedicated service channel and the new Global Talent Stream to access temporary, high skilled, global talent, and scale up or expand their knowledge of specialised skills so that they can be more innovative and build their expertise.

Two new work permit exemptions have been announced as part of the package. Highly skilled workers who need to come to Canada for a very short term assignment and researchers taking part in short duration research projects being conducted in Canada will not require a work permit.

Ministers said that by facilitating a faster entry process for top talent with specialised skill sets and global experience to Canada, the process can help innovative companies grow, flourish and create jobs for Canadians.

‘Employers that are making plans for job creating investments in Canada will often need an experienced leader, dynamic researcher or an innovator with unique skills not readily available in Canada to make that investment happen. The Global Skills Strategy aims to give those employers confidence that when they need to hire from abroad, they’ll have faster, more reliable access to top talent,’ said Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

He explained that two-week work permit processing will be available to workers applying from overseas whose employers have been approved to hire a foreign worker through the Global Talent Stream, as well as foreign nationals with jobs at executive, managerial or professional level applying through the International Mobility Program.

‘When companies are able to grow and thrive here in Canada, they create good, middle class jobs for Canadians. Our new Global Talent Stream will give companies a faster and more efficient process to bring in global talent, so they can grow and expand their Canadian workforces. We’re keeping Canada competitive in the global marketplace and helping our industries grow and succeed,’ said Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour.

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