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by Jose Marc Castro on August 15, 2007

Malabon is a first-class urban city located at the northern portion of Metro Manila, the Philippine National Capital Region found in the island of Luzon.  The city is part of a de facto sub-region in metro Manila called CAMANAVA.  It comprises of the cities of Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, and Valenzuela.  Bordering Malabon is Caloocan City to the south and east, Navotas city to the west, Valenzuela to the north, and the municipality of Obando in the province of Bulacan to the northwest.  Its land area of 19.76 km² is characterized by flat plains that are primarily used for industrial and residential purposes.

The city’s usual modes of transportation, like with all cities in the metropolis, are buses, jeepneys, taxicabs, and tricycles.  Buses and jeepneys are inexpensive and travel on the city’s major streets.  Taxicabs, which are preferred by the upper middle class and the upper class, can travel on any route prescribed by the passenger.  Tricycles, on the other hand, are used for short distances.  It must be noted that boats are as much used as land transportation vehicles in Malabon, especially during the rainy season.

Malabon is famous for its ancestral homes that are likened to the colonial mansions at the old Spanish colonial city of vigan in Ilocos Sur.  During the Spanish era, Malabon was established as a visita of Tondo by the Augustinian priests on May 21, 1591, and eventually became a town.

When the Spanish colonization ended with their defeat from the Americans, Malabon was officially established as a municipality of the Rizal province on June 11, 1901.  In the following years, it was merged with the municipality of Navotas and was once again separated in1906.  Malabon had thus, remained an independent Rizal municipality before it became a component of Metropolitan Manila in 1975.  This act brought development and new industries to the town.  On May 2, 2001, Malabon was finally declared an urban city.

Residential Places in Malabon

Malabon, which is largely a residential area, is composed of 21 barangays. These are Acacia, Panghulo, Bayan-bayanan, Concepcion, San Agustin, Catmon, Flores, Dampalit, Tañong, Hulong Duhat, Longos, Baritan, Muzon, Ibaba, Tonsuya, Niugan, Tugatog Maysilo, Santolan, Tinajeros, and Potrero.  Found within   these areas is a mix of commercial districts, residential neighborhoods, and gated communities.

Most new residents from the middle and upper class prefer to reside in these gated communities. They provide better security as they usually feature a walled perimeter and guarded gates to afford limited access.  Some Two of the city’s prominent gated communities are Kaunlaran Village and Araneta Subdivision.

Hospitals and Universities of Malabon

As with many major cities in the Philippines, Malabon has private and public tertiary care hospitals that are capable of addressing health concerns and medical emergencies. The standard pf healthcare in both public and private hospitals is considered of the same quality, differing only in diagnostic and facilities, and accommodations.

Medical and health practitioners in the Philippines are well versed in English as the language is used as the mode of instruction in all educational institutions.    Many Filipino physicians are graduates of reputable Philippine medical schools, with most of them having trained and pursued further studies in the United States before coming back to practice.  Filipino nurses have also received the same excellence in training from equally reputable schools.  Indeed, many Filipino nurses are working in the United States, Middle East, and Europe.

Below is a list of tertiary care hospitals and clinics found in Malabon:

Malabon Hospitals

Name    Address    Telephone

AP Cruz Community Hospital    MH del Pilar Street, Barangay Santulan    294-6352
Divine Mercy Polyclinic Hospital    M Santos corner H Javier Streets, Barangay Santulan    294-6352
Franco Clinic    Letre Road, Barangay Tonsuya    285-2853
Pagamutang Bayan ng Malabon    Maya-maya Street Corner Dagat-dagatan Avenue    294-4853

Educational Facilities

Malabon has several private and government institutions for higher education.  The most prominent amongst these is the Arellano University Elisa Esguerra Campus, which stands along Gov. W. Pascual Avenue.  This private, non-sectarian university is a satellite campus of Arellano University-Manila, and boasts of the same excellence in academic instruction and services that the institution has long been regarded for.  Among its roster of offered degrees, the Elisa Esguerra Campus is known for its programs in commerce, accountancy, and education.

Another well-established educational institution in Malabon is the De La Salle-Araneta University, or DLSAU, with its campus situated at Victoneta Park.  Formerly known as the Gregorio Araneta University Foundation, it was integrated into the De la Salle system in 1987 and formally inducted in 2002.  Aside from its most recognized degrees in agriculture, forestry, and veterinary medicine, DLSAU also offers degrees in arts & science, business, accountancy, technology, and education.

Other colleges and universities in the city are AMA Computer College, City of Malabon University in Dagat-dagatan, and Malabon Community College in Tugatog.

Commercial Places in Malabon

The shopping centers in Malabon are much smaller than the shopping centers found in most cities in Metro manila.  Three of the city’s major shopping centers are the Star J Plaza which stands along Gov. F. Sevilla Boulevard in TANONG, Malabon Citisquare situated along C4 Road in Dagat-dagatan, and the Araneta Square Mall which stands near the Bonifacio circle. These establishments carry the usual fashion commodities, such as garments and footwear, as well as several prominent food establishments.  They compliment the city’s open-air   markets where fresh produce, fish, meat, and paltry are usually found.

Eating out in Malabon is reminiscent of times when the city was once a town.  Locally owned canteenas and panciterias beneath or in front of aged houses are common sights in the city.  Many of these establishments serve kakanin, or sweet rice cakes, and the city’s famed stir-fried noodle dish called Pancit Malabon.

This is not to say that Malabon does not have restaurants and fastfood outlets that are such common features of any modern city today.  Some of the city’s most notable dining establishments are Dolores Pancit Malabon which has branches in Concepcion and Tonsuya, Max’s Restaurant at the corner of Gov. Pascual Avenue and MH del Pilar Street in Tugatog, Res cadore along Letre Road, Shin Tong Lok Seafood Restaurant along the McArthur Highway, Boy Ching Woo Chinese Restaurant along Gov. Pascual Avenue, and Victoria Burger Steakhouse on Gen. Luna Street in Ibaba.

Prominent fastfood outlets in Malabon are the Filipino pizzeria Greenwich that has several branches in the city including at the Malabon Citysquare, Jollibee with outlets along Dagat-Dagatan and Rizal Avenues, and Chowking at the Araneta Square Mall.

Service Establishments of Malabon

The Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) is the sole provider of the city’s electricity. The company is the largest electric company in the Philippines and holds a central franchise on 22 cities and 89 municipalities.  Applications for service and bill payments may be done by visiting its Malabon branch office located at Gen. Luna Street in Barangay Ibaba.

The major telecom company that services Malabon is the Philippine Long distance Telephone Company (PLDT).  The company primarily offers traditional fixed telephony and internet access via dial-up and digital subscriber line (DSL).  The PLDT Malabon business office is located at the corner of Gen. Luna and Ayroso Street in Barangay Ibaba.

An alternative telephone and internet service provider in the city is Bayan Telecommunications (BayanTel).  SmartBro of Smart Communications, a subsidiary of PLDT, provides internet connection via broadband.

The latter, together with Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular of Digitel Telecommunications, are the three major cellular network service providers in the Philippines. All three companies have a nation-wide coverage and provide subscription packages to suit any income bracket.  Postpaid subscriptions are availed by visiting their centers, which are usually located in the metro’s major shopping centers.  Prepaid subscriptions, on the other hand, only require a SIM card, which can be bought at their centers, or any authorized dealers.

The Malabon City Police Station is the Philippine National Police Northern District’s second station.  Under it are sub-stations and police community precincts that are located in every Barangay.  Listed below are their locations and contact information:

Malabon Police

Police Station/PCP*    Location    Telephone

Malabon    F. Sevilla Boulevard    281-1133, 281-9999or 281-1139
PCP 1    MH del Pilar Street, Maysilo    291-6180
PCP 2    McArthur Highway, Potrero    447-5428 or 366-8235
PCP 3    Kaunlaran Village    285-4326
PCP 4    MH del Pilar Street, Tugatog    447-2226
PCP 5    Barangay Hulong Duhat    281-1763
*PCP-Police Community Precinct

Embassies in Malabon

There are no embassies or consulates found in Malabon.  The bulk of the diplomatic missions to the Philippines have their offices located in the cities of Makati and Manila.

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